Where To Buy Betta Fish Online – The 7 Best

Looking for the best place to buy Bettas online? Shipping fish has become more common after the late 90s. You used to have to go to a local fish store or tradeshow to get Bettas (AKA Siamese Fighting Fish). The problem with getting fish locally is that you did not have access to every Betta variety out there.

As we learned from my best place to buy fish online post, shipping fish across the country has been common with fish stores and distributors for many years. It is common these days to ship fish directly to your door.

Since selection is limited locally, you can get different types of betta fish when you shop online. The problem you run into is knowing what is a good online fish store vs a bad one? My last post focused on general fish stores, this one will focus on Betta Fish stores. Just like the last, my goal isn’t to provide a list of 20 different stores. I just want to supply what I feel are the best out there so you can shop the best available. So let’s get started on this list so you can go shopping!

Buy Betta Fish Online – The 7 Best Stores

1. Glass Aqua

Editor's Choice
Glass Aqua

Glass Aqua has an amazing selection of WYSIWYG Betta for sale. All varieties from fancies to Plakat

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Glass Aqua is one of the premiere online shops that sells high end aquascaping equipment and live plants. They have started to get into Betta Fish recently. I’ve been very impressed with their selection. They have all sorts of varieties like HMPK, female bettas, Koi Bettas and more.

They are one of the major aquatic retailers on this list. Given their great reputation on the planted tank front, I know they will deliver high quality and healthy Betta Fish to your door. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed!

2. King Koi & Goldfish

Best For Bettas & Goldfish!
King Koi & Goldfish

Serving the hobby since 2016, this seller offers one of the most exotic collections of Fancy Goldfish and Bettas available on the internet!

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This is one of the best online shops that I have found for Siamese Fighting Fish. They started as a local fish store back in 2016 and ventured into online over the years. They are WYSIWYG, meaning you can see what they’re selling and it will be just as good in real life! There’s no hassle with dealing with an importer either.

King Koi works mainly through top breeders so their selection isn’t limited like most other fish stores’ lines would be because these people know how important breeding quality betta fish really is. It is a relief knowing that you aren’t risking your fish with an overseas seller who may ship them over at their own risk or infected by unknown diseases.

3. Coast Gem USA

Coast Gem USA

Based in San Diego, CA, this store sells both male and female bettas. All bettas sold are what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

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Gold Coast Gem USA is a local fish store located in San Diego, California that sells Betta fish online. They stand out from other vendors as they like to post videos of their Siamese Fighting Fish through their YouTube channel (An example of one is below).

It’s a nice touch in the buying process as you can see the fish in action. They have some pretty cool looking varieties. There was a black Nemo Galaxy Halfmoon I saw on their channel earlier while I was writing up this post that I was tempted to pick up.

They have recently relocated to a new facility and have a new phone number. It’s always nice to have a fish store that you can call and talk shop with. They also sell other fish like Cichlids if you are looking for other fish in your other aquariums.

4. Liveaquaria

Check Out Driver's Den!

A great source to get pre-conditioned fish through Drivers Den. The original WYSIWYG online fish store dating back to the 90s

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Liveaquaria is the original buy fish online store originally called Flying Fish Express. They have been around for many years and their quarantine practices started the whole pre-conditioned fish industry for saltwater fish with their Diver’s Den store.

Diver’s Den has evolved over the years to include freshwater fish, with Betta Fish being a featured species they offer. Here you can purchase WYSIWYG bettas and have Liveaquaria’s arrive alive guarantee and 7 day warranty on all betta fish purchased from them.

Liveaquaria also sells a bunch of other fish aside from Betta. It’s a great place to consider getting Betta Fish tank mates from.

5. Bettas & Art

Bettas and Art

Bettas and Art offers unique Betta Fish and ships to USA and Canada

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Bettas and Art is a Betta importer based out in Brooklyn, New York. They offer a variety of unique betta fish you usually will not find at local fish stores. Their online store also offers some betta fish supplies like almond leaves, nets, and live food cultivation kits.

One thing to note with their store is they offer USPS priority or FedEx shipping. I suggest picking FedEx shipping even if it costs more as it is tracked.

6. Seven Sea Supply (Via Amazon)

Seven Sea Supply is an amazon seller that has been selling since 2015. Based in Southern California, they primarily focus on aquatic supplies, plants, and livestock. One of the livestock types they offer are Betta Fish.

While they do not have the most rare species, they are an accessible shop to purchase betta fish from. They are a good option if you do not have a local fish store that is reliable around you and want some of the fancier bettas like halfmoons. They have a solid reputation on Amazon, with many of their offerings getting lots of positive reviews.

7. eBay


eBay offers a number of Betta fish importers who supply exotic varieties at great prices.

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Ebay has a number of import Betta breeders that sell a number of betta fish types. It’s a great place to purchase HMPK (Half Moon Plakat) Bettas. Not all eBay sellers are reliable however. To help, here are a few that I would recommend:

  • HTownGuppy
  • Betta-USA
  • HoustonAqua

Be careful when purchasing from eBay. Always look for sellers with good feedback stores and an established history of order fulfillment. They should have terms and conditions listed on their seller page

Online Betta Fish Stores To Avoid

So I listed out the best places, let’s talk about places to generally avoid.

1. Petsmart

PetSmart can be a place to purchase any fish online, but generally many folks go to them to purchase Betta fish. This is a easy place to go to find Bettas, but there are two issues you run into shopping here.

The first is that they will only have Veiltail Bettas. Veiltails are the most common male betta fish you will find. If you are looking for more exotic varieties you won’t find them here.

The other issue is the condition of the fish. They likely will not be in the best condition compared to a breeder or specialized local fish store. My recommendation if you are going to buy anything from Petsmart would be to purchase supplies from Chewy, their e-commerce counterpart.

2. Petco

I love Petco – when it comes to purchasing supplies locally when in a bind. Because they are open earlier and close later than most local fish stores I can get emergency supplies when I need it. I’ve done a lot of later night runs to them to get stuff like battery powered air pumps or frozen food when I was in a bind.

When it comes to livestock though, that’s another story. Yes, there are well run Petcos in some cities, but the quality varies. It’s generally not the best place to purchase a Betta fish from, as they have the same limitation as Petsmart in varieties. You will likely find Bettas in better conditions at other online stores and through local fish stores. There is also their sister company, Liveaquaria that is a specialized online fish store that is better to purchase Bettas from.

Buyer’s Guide

Crowntail Betta

Maybe you have been looking at Betta fish outside of this list or have questions about how to select a quality betta. Let’s talk about how to find a quality store and a quality fish.

What Makes A Good Online Store For Fish?

Betta fish breeders pop up everyday as it is a lucrative business if you know what you are doing. However, we are dealing with livestock and you do not want to support a business that mistreats their animals or doesn’t take precautions to ensure your fish arrives in the best condition possible.

So what makes a good store and a bad store? It can be difficult looking at the store’s site to know at first glance. Here are a few things too look out for:

  • Reviews on their business page or online store
  • An arrive live guarantee
  • A stay alive guarantee – typically 3 to 7 days
  • A refund policy
  • A easy way to contact them – either through a phone number, whatsapp, or social media profiles

You should also double check and make sure that the store you are ordering from will actually ship to your door. Some stores will not ship to certain states or outside of the US. I tend to prefer stores that are willing to ship overnight via FedEx or UPS. I prefer this because if you are not planning to be home you can always call FedEx or UPS. They can drop it of on at the logistics center which will keep the package indoors until you are ready to pick it up.

What Kind of Options are There? (Size, Type, and Color)

There are many varieties of Betta fish available here’s a list of the colors and types you will come across when shopping online:




Wild Type Bettas
Veil Tail
Koi Betta
Rose Tail
Elephant Ear (AKA Dumbo Ears)
Crown Tail

How To Select A Healthy Fish

Rose Tail Betta

Let’s talk about how to select a healthy betta fish from a local fish store. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Ask for the fish to be fed at the pet stores you visit – an unhealthy fish usually won’t eat
  • Look at the fins. There should not be any torn or rotting fins
  • Look at the body of the fish. There should not be any white or brown velvety spots on the fish
  • Is the body color bright? Watch out for dull or faded colors. This is usually a sign of stress
  • Is the belly of the fish well rounded? Watch out for sunken bellies as this can be a sign of an internal parasite
  • If you see any fish waste, is the fish waste white or stringy? This would be a sign of an internal parasite
  • Check the eyes of the fish, they should be clear. Any cloudy or protruded eyes would be a sign of illness

One other great way to observe the health of a male betta is to bring a mirror and put at the side of the tank the Betta is housed. A healthy male will display aggression at its reflection. Look at their fin spread and see how active they are.

Check out my fish diseases post for a full list of common diseases. Many have visible signs that will help tip you off. Try to avoid purchasing a sick fish. I know some people try to purchase sick fish in an attempt to “rescue” them, but that’s really something that should only be attempted if you are an advanced fishkeeping and willing to use quarantine tanks.

How To Properly Add Your New Fish To Its New Home

Whether you purchase your Betta fish online or at a local fish store, you will need to take care of how you introduce them to your aquarium. Many Bettas are introduced to an aquarium with no other inhabitants, which technically means that you do not have to quarantine them, since you are not putting other fish at risk of disease. However, I still recommend a quarantine if you are planning to place a Betta in a planted aquarium environment as many fish medications will damage or kill plants.

For the visual learners, there is a good video from ItaAnnaLouise explaining how to introduce your Betta to its new home. I’ll provide some highlights below:

  • Do not just dump your fish from the bag or container into your tank
  • Temperature accumulation is the first step at preventing shock to your fish
  • Temperature accumulate a fish for at least 15 minutes
  • Never put the water that your fish is housed in into your tank
  • Use a net or hands when handling your fish

There is one point that this video does not cover when it comes to fish shipped to your door. Never drip accumulate a fish. Once the bag is opened, your Betta fish is exposed to all the ammonia in the bag, which can lead to massive stress, ammonia burn, and even death. Any fish that is shipped to you only needs to be temperature accumulated then put into the tank they can go in without any of the water from the bag.

It’s perfectly fine to drip accumulate a fish purchased locally, just never do it for shipped fish! As a final point note that Betta fish are tropical fish that need heated water. Look into an aquarium heater to keep their home warm.


How much does they cost?

Betta fish can cost as little as $15 to over $100 depending on the variety, color, and traits of the fish. There is a Betta for all budgets. It’s just a matter of what varieties you like and how exotic you want to get on the colors!

Where can I buy a live one online?

You can buy them at any online fish store that sells them. My top two recommendations are Glass Aqua and King Koi and Goldfish. Another option are online marketplaces like eBay.

Can they be shipped?

Yes, Bettas can be shipped and have been for many years. The best practice is to ship them overnight via a service like UPS or FedEx. Shipping via USPS can be risky. Some online stores offer this as an option, but typically will waive their arrive alive guarantee if you choose it.

Where should I buy one?

The best places to buy a betta would be a specialized local fish store. Chain stores are not usually the best place. If you are looking for specific exotic breeds or colors, your best bet is to shop at a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) online Betta Fish store or breeder at a tradeshow.


I hope you found this list and guide helpful in choosing where you will purchase your next Betta fish. If you have any questions, leave a comment below so we can start a conversation. Bettas make great pet fish!

If you are looking for guidance on how to setup a Betta Fish tank or more info on Bettas, check out the guides below for additional resources.

Thanks for reading and see you next time :).


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