Algae Turf Scrubbers

An Algae Turf Scrubber is a cutting-edge development in the aquarium space that harnesses the power of algae in order to filter out nutrients in your tank. They have the ability to remove ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, phosphates, and all other shorts of chemicals in the tank. A mature scrubber can replace many more expensive pieces of equipment in your tank including protein skimmers, media reactors, bio-pellet reactors, GFO, de-nitrators, deep sand beds, and refugiums. 

Originally, the algae turf scrubber design was a horizontal one, which required a lot of space to work. The waterfall design that developed several years was really the start of algae turf scrubber movement. Unfortunately, the most optimal design was patented and really limited the availability of these products to the public. This mostly left algae turf scrubbers to the hands of the DIY reefers who created their own with PVC pipes and mesh in their sumps.

With the patents expiring, aquarium store depot looked to see if there was an opportunity to partner with a manufacturer to create high quality scrubbers for those who were not interested in creating a DIY solution. Our scrubbers that we sell are all proudly made in the USA, equipped with the latest in LED technology, top quality acrylic and PVC, and designed off a modern waterfall model. They represent the pinnacle of the algae turf scrubber technology.

Algae Turf Scrubber