Aquarium Controllers

Aquarium Controllers

Aquarium Controllers are the major tools of tank automation and monitoring for any aquarium enthusiast or aquarium maintenance professional. At first glance, an aquarium controller can seem like total overkill or very pricey; however, many happy customers over the years have raved that an aquarium controller is the single best reef tank investment you can make.

An aquarium controller is basically a brain for your aquarium. It monitors your tank and based on the information it receives, it will perform various tasks for you. What kinds of tasks? Well quite a lot of things actually. Here is a sample list:

  • Control dosing pumps
  • Control calcium reactors
  • Perform auto top features
  • Control variable speed pumps
  • Turn cooling fans and chillers on and off based on the temperature of the tank
  • Monitor tank temperature
  • Monitor tank pH
  • Automatically feed your fish
  • Control your lighting schedule

It can turn off your pumps when it is time to feed your tank and you can set timers so the pumps will turn back on automatically. It is an incredible tool for tank sitters, who often get lost on feeding schedules and advanced tasks like dosing is automatically controlled by the unit.  

If you have a reef tank, you have hundreds if not thousands of dollars invested in your aquarium. An aquarium controller provides fail safes if a piece of equipment fail like a return pump. It is your first responder in the event of an issue. It will alert you if anything is wrong with your tank. The value it provides in preventing a tank disaster or damage to your home in the event of an overflow is invaluable.

Aquarium Store Depot primary sells APEX controllers and highly recommends these items. They are simple to use, have great support, and many hobbyist and professionals use them. We also offer other brands that are also of high quality for budget minded aquarists.