Aquarium DC Return Pumps

Aquarium DC Return Pumps

Aquarium DC Return Pumps come in two versions – AC power pumps and DC power pumps. AC pumps have been powering aquariums for many years with a great track record, but DC pumps offer many benefits to hobbyist for the following reasons:

  • Control – DC Pumps give you the option of variable speed controls which mean you can control how much water flows out of the pump
  • Efficiency – DC Pumps are more efficient than AC pumps which means you will spend less on electricity
  • Quality – DC pumps are currently made by premium brands which means you are getting incredible build quality

An Aquarium DC return pump gives you the flexibility of a variable speed control which means you are able to control how much water outs out of the pump. With AC powered pumps, there is only an on and off switch. This allows one to select a pump and control the flow to fit virtually any type of tank. If the flow is too much, just turn the pump down. If you need more flow, you just increase the flow rate. Another great feature is that DC pumps have a slow start feature which means that the pump will start at a low rpm versus at full speed. This feature adds to the life of the impeller.

One of the reasons why early on DC pumps were avoided was lack of quality. The original entries into the market often broke or had premature failures. The good thing is that the products we sell are not initial entry products. They are high quality made Aquarium DC Return Pumps that are built to last. Be careful about purchasing low quality imported return pumps or from unauthorized resellers. Aquarium Store Depot is an authorized reseller of the products listed below so you can purchase with confidence.


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