Aquarium Heaters

Besides filtration, aquarium heaters are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your aquarium. There are many cheap heaters you can purchase at a chain store, but here at Aquarium Store Depot we chose to only carry units that are of high quality and have proven track records.

While you can purchase cheap aquarium heaters from a chain store or from a discount online store like ebay, you will for the most part get what you pay for. The circuity is not going to be good, the glass is not shatterproof, they will not last as long, and setting the temperature is pretty basic and prone to failure. While these heaters are cheap, one should keep in mind that one of the most common reasons for a task crash aside from a power outage is heater equipment failure. Either the unit will fail or the thermostat will fail leading to fatal temperatures for your inhabitants. Another common failure point for those with sumpless tanks is a larger fish may bump the heater and cause it to break. This is a common issue in freshwater aquariums where large aggressive fish like Oscars or Cichlids are housed.
Aquarium Heaters
This is the very reason why our aquarium heaters selection is very limited in our store. These higher end heaters are equipped with shatterproof casing like the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm heaters or have higher end electronics keep the temperatures accurate in the tank.

We have provided a guide below to help you select the correct wattage for your tank. If you do not have an aquarium controller, we recommend purchasing two aquarium heaters in order to have a fail safe in the event one does fail or break. If you have an aquarium controller, take advantage of the controller’s features and alert functions. The controller will act as a fail safe if the thermostat does not function correctly and will send you alerts if the tank gets too hot or cold.

Tank Size Recommended Wattage
26–40 gallons 100 watt
40–53 gallons 125 watt
53–79 gallons 150 watt
79–106 gallons 200 watt
106–159 gallons 250 watt

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