Aquarium Sumps

Aquarium Sumps
Aquarium Sumps are a standard on larger aquariums - especially for larger saltwater aquariums. Most aquarium sumps are installed inside the stand. More advanced hobbyist will often create a fish maintenance room that will house the sump and various other maintenance equipment. An aquarium sump provides many benefits including:

  • A place to store all equipment 
  • A flexible space to install the best equipment on your tank
  • A tank dosing and top-off area
  • Flood protection
  • Additional water volume for stability

The usual question we get from folks coming into this hobby is "do I need a sump." The answer is no as there are many successful aquariums that do fine without one. However, the benefits listed above become more and more significant the larger an aquarium is.

So how large of a sump do you need? Our answer would be as big as possible as long as you can fit it and afford it. The added water volume will stabilize your water parameters and provide added flood insurance to your tank. You will be able to install the best protein skimmers, the best controllers, install a refugium, install media reactors or algae turf scrubbers. Some of this equipment is certainty possible without a sump, but everything will be hang-on and will not provide a clean, professional looking setup. 

We offer manufactured sumps from quality brands such as Reef Octopus, CoralVue, and Trigger Systems. These manufacturers are some of the best sumps one can purchase in the market and great for those not looking to create a DIY sump.