Coral Fragging Supplies

Coral Fragging Supplies

Coral propagation or coral fragging refers to the reproduction of corals. Eventually there comes a time for any reef enthusiast to look into coral fragging. We offer high quality coral fragging supplies so you can begin propagating your corals. 

Fragging coral is remarkably simple and is an activity in which many reef keepers find enjoyable and actively involved in. Fragging allows people to share frags of their corals with friends and other aquarists, while keeping the original colony. Not only is coral fragging fun to do by sharing your frags with other aquarists, but you can also make some serious store credit at your local fish store or even frag for cash. Aside from the cash though, coral fragging is a sustainable practice in the hobby – it keeps our hobby going and growing.

There have also been an increase of aqua-cultured practices the country of origin of these corals. Locals are hired or start up their own businesses in aquaculturing coral which have lead to more sustainable collection.

Aquariums are more than just a great hobby. They may be the last fail-safe against serious global biodiversity loss. Coupled with intense breeding and coral propagation efforts, these captive environments represent an effective dispersion of genetic material to all corners of the globe when native environments are threatened. Since every home aquarium is a potential life raft, quality and sustainability are more important than ever.

Coral Propagation is the key to sustainable hobbyist practices. As such, we carry several coral fragging supplies to help you along the way. Corals are generally fragged out of the water, which should not pose a problem to the coral in the short-term. Coral cutters and scalpels are usually used. For hard corals like SPS corals, a dremel tool or even band saws are used for precise cuts. 

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