CoralVue is a manufacturer of OEM products and exclusive distributor located in Slidell, LA. The Company represents a wide range of industry-leading brands for freshwater and marine aquaria including Reef Octopus, Maxspect, Giesemann, ELOS, AutoAqua, IceCap, and many more!  

CoralVue excels at providing affordable solutions to help minimize aquarium husbandry and help succeed in keeping a successful aquarium.  CoralVue understands that the way a product looks, price, performance and the support behind it are all things considered when looking for in an aquarium related product. 

CoralVue has a stellar reputation in the aquarium community. They offer innovative products like the MaxSpect Gyre and continue to push new breakthroughs while maintaining their attractive point points. One of the big product breakouts that we have been very excited about is their entry into the all-in-one aquarium market and high-end LED lighting. 

Aquarium Store Depot is an authorized reseller of CoralVue product. All products purchased from us are covered by their manufacturer’s warranty. CoralVue has been a long-standing favorite brand of ours. We stand by their quality and excellent customer service. They are regular on hobbyist forums and their Coral Vue TV displays a number of tutorial videos and introductions that make it easy for new customers to setup and use their products.

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