Fish Medication

Aquarium Store Depot offers fish medication to treat fish in Quarantine systems. As someone who has personally dealt with multiple diseases from livestock orders from the LFS, I have found the best way to to avoid tank disasters is to prophylactically treat all incoming fish in a separate QT.

These list of products are field proven and would be considered the current “meta” of the quarantine process. Copper would be included as well – but since that is so readily available at the LFS, we recommend you purchase it there if you have a fish that is more suited to copper vs our medications.

All fish medications available on our site are ingredients only and sourced either direct from the manufacturer or obtained from labs who are able to supply us with a valid certificate of analysis. We regularly request and obtain new COAs as the batches expires and field test our own product to ensure consistency and potency. One such product, Chloroquine Phosphate I have offered here after moving to a new state and being denied access to CP from a local vet. I sourced the product myself in order to ensure that people had the MOST effective medication for Brooke and Velvet currently. There are many people out there who cannot obtain a aquaculture grade Cholorquine source.

We do not hide our product with the marketing fluff you see from other products like Kick Ich or do natural remedies that have been proven to mostly be ineffective. We bring the heat with powerful but safe medicine to use in a Quarantine tank that will wipe out disease fast and get your fish healthy and ready for transfer and we will provide the instructions on how to do it all properly when you order.

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