Bubble Magus Curve Elite Protein Skimmers

The Bubble Magus Curve Elite series line of skimmers is an upgrade to the original Bubble Magus Curve line of cone skimmers. The original curves were considered one of the best entry level skimmer lines on the market and now this new generation of skimmers are equipped with an Italian made Sicce PSK pump!

Anyone familiar with protein skimmers knows that the pump is the heart of a skimmer. These new Sicce PSK pumps allow a greater generation of air and greater skimmate pull power than any Bubble Magus skimmer model ever and puts it in competition with many name brand models, without the name brand price!

Practical and highly efficient.  The line offers many innovative features that you would see from other higher priced skimmers with incredible bang for the buck.

Bubble Magus Curve Elite Protein Skimmer Line Features

  • High quality polished cell cast acrylic body
  • Long lasting efficient skimmer pump
  • Needle wheel impeller for optimal micro-bubbles
  • Innovative features
  • Stylish space saving design
  • Efficient venturi
  • High air suction

Bubble Magus Curve Elite Specifications

Model Pump Power Water Level Dimensions Size 
Curve 5 Sicce PSK 200 18W 9.5-11" 7.3" x 7.1" x 18.5"H Up to 130 Gallons
Curve 7 Sicce PSK 600 29W 9.5-11" 9.3" x 7.9" x 21.0" H Up to 240 Gallons
Curve 9 Sicce PSK 1200 60W 9.5-11" 11.6" x 9.3" x 23.6" H Up to 400 Gallons



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