Hang on Back Protein Skimmers

There are many marine tank setups where a traditional protein skimmer is not possible. This is where hang on back protein skimmers come in. Not all these skimmers are created equal though. It is very common for a new hobbyist to purchase a hang on back protein skimmer from a chain store that is of low quality and not designed for long-term saltwater and saltwater reef success in mind.

What makes quality hang on back protein skimmers is the pump. A quality skimmer that hangs on the back of the tank should have a dedicated needle wheel pump just like an in sump protein skimmer. It should be made of high quality acrylic and should have a silent operation. The pump should ideally be located outside of the skimmer body for added reaction volume.

Hang On Back Protein Skimmers

When it comes to hang on back protein skimmers, there are only two brands that we trust. Those brands would be Reef Octopus and AquaMaxx. Reef Octopus has designed the benchmark for high quality hang on back protein skimmers for many years. The design has not changed much over the years, but the results are proven. They come equipped with the same needle wheel pumps used in their in-sump Reef Octopus models. It is simply the best overall hang on protein skimmer on the market. AquaMaxx also sells a hang-on back protein skimmer. They are more expensive, but have a higher quality italian made Sicce pump. Generally though, hobbyists tend to lean to the Reef octopus for a hang on due to the lower cost.

Here at Aquarium Store Depot, we only sell the hang on back protein skimmers that will provide you with long-term success. These are high quality models that will provide excellent filtration for years.

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