Bubble Magus NAC Protein Skimmers

The Bubble-Magus NAC line of cone skimmers are one of the best entry level skimmer lines on the market.  Practical and highly efficient.  The line offers many innovative features that you would see from other higher priced skimmers.  Incredible bang for the buck.

NAC Line Features:

  • A cone skimmer body to allow smooth transition of skimmate to the collection cup
  • Needle wheel pumps with venturi intake 
  • Bubble plate to reduce noise
  • Collection cup drain to reduce the need to empty skimmate cup
  • Slim footprint
Model Pump Power Water Level Dimensions Size 
NAC 3.5 ROCK SP1000 8W 8-10" 4.7"L x 7.08"W x 17.3"H 30 - 75 Gallons
NAC 5.0 ROCK SP2000 16W 8-10" 8.66"L x 5.7"W x 20.4"H 75 - 130 Gallons
NAC 8.0 ROCK SP4000 24W 9.5-11" 11.2"L x 9.06"W x 20.47"H 130 - 210 Gallons


NAC 3.5 Manual

NAC 5.0 Manual

NAC 8.0 Manual



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