Led Aquarium Lighting

LED Aquarium Lighting represents the latest breakthrough in lighting technology in the hobby. We have come a long way from traditional VHO, to Metal Halide, to power compacts, to now LEDs. While VHO and Metal Halide still very much have their place in the industry, LEDs really represent the future of the hobby.

LED Aquarium Lighting provides a host of advantages over the older lighting technology. For one, they consume significantly less power. Your wallet and the environment will thank you will LED lights. The second advantage is that they do not lose spectrum over time. traditional VHOs do lose spectrum and intensity as the bulbs get older which require you to replace them. While then brings us up to the next strength of LEDs – you do not have to replace bulbs. Not replacing bulbs over the long-run will eventually pay for itself in savings over VHOs and Halides. Some LED models, like the Kessil 360WE, take up very little space above the tank merely requiring a mount. This leaves for less obstruction above the tank over traditional VHO fixtures.

LEDs also offer the highest PAR values in the industry. They are some models we sell that give off extreme intensity. While actually is a downfall of these lights as often times one needs to adjust them in order to prevent cooking corals. The spectrum and intensity on many higher end LEDs are also customizable using web apps. You can control your spectrum, set up various settings for different times of the day, and have multiple channels to control. LED aquarium lighting is all about control and customization.

We offer some of the very best led aquarium light fixtures in the industry. All our lighting fixtures are from high quality suppliers. Be sure to check out our own aquarium lights for additional savings as well.