Marine Salt

Unless you live near a source of clean natural seawater, you likely will need marine salt in order to provide fresh saltwater to your marine aquarium. Synthetic marine salt as been used in research labs, zoos, and public aquariums for many years stating with the Instant Ocean brand. It is to this day the preferred salt used by educators and scientist across the world. A quality marine salt allows you to bring the beauty of a marine aquarium to your home for you to enjoy.
Marine Salt
A quality marine salt mix will contain all the major and minor essential trace elements necessary to create a thriving marine aquarium environment. It will also contain essential elements like magnesium and calcium – two coral building elements.

Changing water routinely is a critical function of marine aquarium maintenance. By ensuring that you have a quality marine salt, you are ensuring that you supply your aquarium with the proper elements so that your aquarium can thrive.

All marine salt sold at our store are highly recommended. Instant Ocean’s reputation really speaks for itself while Red Sea’s salt is designed especially for those with heavy LPS and/or SPS coral populations in their aquarium.

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