RODI Systems

RODI Systems are a basic law when it comes to saltwater tanks. Any saltwater aquarium should be using a Reverse Osmosis Deionized (RODI) unit. RODI water is extremely clean and ensures you will not be introducing bad things in your aquarium such as silicates, heavy metals, chorine, nitrates, and phosphates.

For saltwater aquarists who do not use an RODI system, it is very common for their tanks to be plagued with nuisance algae such as slime algae and have unstable parameters due to the contaminates being introduced by the unpurified water. Other aquarists will obtain their RODI water from a local fish store or use distilled water, both which are viable options, however, a reverse osmosis system in the long-term is a far better option. An RODI system is quick and easy to use and is part of aquarium maintenance. When it comes to aquarium maintenance the quicker and easier it is to do, the higher the likeihood we will actually do it.

Phosphates and nitrates control are the biggest reasons to invest in a RODI System. Without an RODI System, you are essentially adding algae food by introducing phosphates and nitrates into your aquarium every time you change your water or top off your tank. There are also other nasties that could be in your city’s water system. The purity of our city water will depend on your city’s water source, the efforts they put into filtering their water, age of their pipes, etc. You really do not know what is in this water unless you get a full analysis of your city. Even though your city’s water may be safe to drink also does not mean it is ideal for your aquarium inhabitants.  Even with a city water report, it is still difficult to gauge the safety of your source water. It is really worth the piece of mind to filter your own water with an RODI unit.

RODI Systems
Most RODI Systems will come in either 4 stage or 5 stage units. The stages are typically laid out in the following stages:

  • Sediment Filter – Removes heavy contaminates like dust and rust
  • Carbon Blocks – Removes chemical impurities
  • RO Membrane – Does most of work rejections various impurities at a 99% rejection rate
  • Deionized Chamber – A chamber filled with bends containing positive and negatively charged ions that remove remaining impurities like Phosphates

The result from using an RODI system is fresh water that has 0 TDS. TDS is total dissolved solids. These are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including materials, salts or metals dissolved in the water. Having 0 TDS water means you have the best water available to provide to your aquarium.

Aquarium Store Depot sells a variety of RODI system all from quality manufacturers. We
recommend sticking with trusted reef quality RO/DI vendors with a long time proven history such as Spectrapure. We are big fans of Spectrapure systems and feel they offer the best RODI systems on the market. They have been around a long time and like us sell only products they would use themselves.