SpectraPure is our preferred brand for Reverse Osmosis systems.  They carry product lines which includes a full range of systems and equipment, including Drinking Water Systems, Water Softeners, Filtration Systems, Reverse Osmosis units, RO/DI and Deionization Systems and many other technological innovations and Water Purification Accessory Products, providing innovative, State of the Art solutions to water purity problems and applications.

SpectraPure has always been on the cutting edge of RODI systems technology. Back in the old days, vendor specs for the best membrane were 96% or 98%. SpectraPure pushed this further by developing an house proprietary treatment process to enhance rejection rate. They were one of the first to market with 99% rejection membranes.

Spectrapure reverse osmosis units uses no larger than a 1 micron near absolute rated sediment filter.  Most RO manufactureres will use 5 micron filters. They specially treats all their RO membranes, proven to increase the rejection rate then batch.  They also individually hand tests their membranes.  Spectrapure custom blends every ounce of their own DI resins in house based on tens of thousands of real world beta testing and lab testing.  When you purchase a SpectraPure system.  You can be comfortable that you are getting the very best, freshest resin.

Spectrapure has been doing RO/DI for over 25 years in the same US city (Tempe, Arizona). All the facts noted above leads to a better system that will cost you much less to own and operate over its lifespan than any other competitor product.  We proudly stand by SpectraPure’s reputation and products.