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ASD LED Reef Lighting 36" 200W Fixture - 3 to 4 Feet Tanks

  • Elite Quantity Reef Lighting at an Entry Level Price!

    Are you a reef fanatic frustrated by the high cost of high quality LED reef lighting fixtures? If so, this lighting fixture is the remedy for your frustration. This is a well designed unit made of lightweight aluminum and backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty for the coral keeping enthusiast. The lighting system uses an advanced temperature control system which adjusts the speed of the fans based on the percentage of light intensity the unit is running at.

    This LED reef lighting fixture system comes with 3 clusters of LED's all with 120 degree lenses to give you the spread of light that you need. The72 total 3 watt bridgelux LEDs ensure you get maximum light penetration even for the most light hungry corals.

    The system is controlled by a android power WIFI app that can program 4 channels with 8 times settings to create morning, noon, and night. A lightning and cloud affect are also included and can be timed and a % adjustment can be made to suit your needs during the lighting cycle.

    We recommend this lighting system for 3 or 4 feet tanks. Compare and see the savings below! Save on lighting for more corals :):

    4 Foot Long Tank 
    Comparison (75 Gallon Tank Example):

    Name Brand Comparison Name Brand Price ASD Fixture Price You Save
    EcoTech Radion XR30W PRO GEN3 - x2 $1,498.00 $399.99 $1098.01
    Kessil AP700 $895.00 $399.99 $495.01
    Maxspect R420R LED 130 watt 15000K - x2 $859.98 $399.99 $359.99
    Kessil 360WE - x2 $798.00 $399.99 $398.01
    Aqua Illumination Hydra Twenty Six - x2 $699.98 $399.99 $299.99

    • Specs:
      LED Quantity: 72X 3W LED
      Power consumption: 190-200W
      Input Voltage: 240V
      Lifespan: 50,000hrs
      Product Dimensions: 36 x 8 x 2 inch

      What's in the box:

      • 1 LED Reef Lighting Fixture
      • 2 Stainless Steel Extracable  Mounting Brackets
      • 1 Power Supply
      • Complete Instructions 

      LED Light Layout:

      • 30 x Blue (460-470nm)
      • 18 x White (12000K)
      • 12 x Royal Blue (450nm)
      • 6   x UV (410nm)
      • 3   x Green (515-530nm)
      • 3   x Red (630nm) 
      • Total: 72 LEDs

      Aquarium Store Depot recommends this LED reef lighting fixture for those with mixed reef and SPS heavy setups

      All lighting fixtures come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty

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