Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite (Basic) Controller

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The ReefKeeper Lite is a powerful and cost effective aquarium control system. It’s completely flexible and allows you the ability to create a control system that’s as unique as your tank. Whether you’re looking for a variety of programmable outlets or need to monitor multiple parameters, the ReefKeeper Lite can be configured to your specifications.

The ReefKeeper Lite uses our new “EasyFlow” menu structure which makes for quick setup of the entire system. There’s no complicated or frustrating computer language to learn with the ReefKeeper. We walk you through the setup step by step making sure you don’t forget a critical setting. This helps ensure that the system operates as you expect it to. We’ve also added the new “ReadyFit” functions for programming channels. These functions are preconfigured with some of the more common settings and require little or no input from the user to function.

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