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JBJ Nano Cube 30 Gallon RL Rimless Biotope Aquarium

  • Bold, Classy and Panoramic. The new JBJ rimless RL-30 offers a panoramic view of your aquarium. This luxurious mid-size tank features crystal clear water filtration and powerful water flow. Lean back, relax and enjoy the new classy addition to your deco.

    The RL-30 offers the same length as the 45 gallon model as well as the same all-in-one features.  Complete complete with a filtration system and skimmer section for feature upgrades.  Black background completes the setup.  A great tank for fish only or reef setups!

  • Aquarium Specs:

    • 30 Gallon Capacity
    • 8 mm Bent Glass Thickness
    • Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
    • Panoramic View
    • All-In-One: 3 Stage FIltration
    • Skimmer Column
    • Heater Column
    • 2 Independent Pumps
    • Dual Return Nozzles


    23.6” x 19.7” x 16.5”

    What's in the Box?

    X2 Pumps

    You will receive two powerheads/return pumps pre-installed into your RL45, that will be connected to flexible vinyl tubing, which will in turn be connected to an elbow which connects with the return tubing.

    • ACCELA Submersible Powerhead
    • Model: SP1-1000E
    • 110-120V/60Hz
    • Flowrate: 265 GPH (approx. 1000L/H)

    X2 Media Baskets

    You will receive one media basket, which will come pre installed in each overflow of the JBJ RL8, each media basket has a false wall with 3 dividers containing the following:

    • Ceramic Biological Ring Media
    • Activated Carbon
    • Coarse Sponge
    RL-45 Manual

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