Gourami Types

Gourami Types – 14 Great Ones (With Pictures!)

Gourami fish are some of the most colorful and fascinating tropical fish in the hobby. It’s no wonder that they are so popular amongst fish keepers throughout the world!

In this article, I introduce 14 amazing types of gourami that you can keep in your own aquarium. For all you aquarists who are thinking of starting out with your own gouramis, there’s also some great information about setting up their tank, caring for them, and much more!

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Cory Catfish Types

The 10 Most Popular Cory Catfish Types (With Pictures!)

Corydoras catfish are some of the most popular community fish in the freshwater aquarium hobby. If you’ve never kept a school of these neat little bottom dwellers, I would definitely recommend trying them out!

In this article, I’ll introduce 10 of the most popular common cory catfish types that are loved by fish keepers all over the world. I’ll also teach you how to set up your tank and care for the different types of cory catfish, so let’s dive right in!

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Aggressive Freshwater Fish

Aggressive Freshwater Fish – 15 Best (With Pictures!)

Large, aggressive fish can make the most amazing pets! That’s exactly why I’ve put together this guide to aggressive freshwater aquarium fish.

Caring for these amazing animals can take a lot of time, space, and some pretty deep pockets too! If you’re ready for the commitment, or just interested in learning more about these legends of the aquarium world, this article is for you.

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Types Of Rasboras

Types of Rasboras (11 Best With Pictures!)

If you like nano fish as much as I do, then rasboras might be the perfect fish for your tank. From the ever-popular harlequin rasboras to the tiny dwarf rasboras there’s a species to suit just about any aquarium.

In this article, I’ll be introducing 11 great types of rasboras and giving you some great information about their care. Let’s dive right in!

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Coldwater Aquarium Fish

20 Great Coldwater Aquarium Fish (With Pictures!)

Did you know that not all aquarium fish need warm water? The range might be a little more limited, but there are many fascinating species that you can keep in an unheated tank!

In this article, I’ll be introducing 20 great coldwater fish that you can keep in your aquarium. I’ll also share some tips on how to keep their water cool and other important information about their care.

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Wrasse Types

Wrasse Types – 15 Reef Safe Ones (With Pictures!)

The wrasse family, Labridae, contains some of the most colorful and most popular species of fish in the marine hobby. Of the 600 known wrasse species in the wild, many wrasse types stay small, making them a perfect addition to most aquarium setups; one exception to this is the humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) which can grow to be 90 inches long!

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