Bala Shark

A Comprehensive Guide to Bala Shark Care: Tank Size, Food, Lifespan, and More

Let’s explore the fascinating world of Bala Shark care together! These beautiful freshwater fish will add some life to your aquarium, so let us guide you through everything from their origin and look to diet requirements, social behavior in captivity, breeding habits and potential health issues. With this comprehensive overview on caring for Balas Sharks under our belts, we can become true experts at it!

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Red Claw Crab

A Comprehensive Guide to Red Claw Crab Care (Diet, Breeding, and Tank Setup)

Are you intrigued by the idea of adding a little bit of exotic beauty to your home with a semi terrestrial crab species? Red claw crabs can make excellent pets for those who are prepared to offer them the necessary care and attention. This guide will teach you everything about their diet, breeding needs, and tank setup. So if owning these fascinating creatures is something that interests you, let’s start exploring!

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Bumblebee Goby

Caring for Bumblebee Goby – Tank Mates, Diet, Breeding & And More

Are you ready to get acquainted with the beautiful bumblebee goby? These captivating striped fish are natives of the brackish waters located in Southeast Asia and could make an interesting addition to your aquarium. It is essential that a comprehensive understanding of their special needs be acquired before taking care of them. Thus providing a healthy atmosphere where they can thrive. So let’s explore how best one can give care to the bumblebee goby!

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Bladder Snail

A Comprehensive Guide To Bladder Snail Care (Diet, Breeding & and More)

Have you ever thought about bringing a Bladder Snail into your aquarium (Or have them living in your tank accidentally)? They have a mixed reputation – to some they are pests and to others they are helpful clean up crew members. Today’s post is to learn about how easy it is to look after them, manage their numbers, and guarantee they thrive in your home-based habitat.

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Vampire Crab

Vampire Crab Care Guide: A Comprehensive Overview of Care, Breeding, Tank Size, and Disease

Discover the mesmerizing realm of vampire crabs! These eye-catching, secretive animals make remarkable additions to paludariums. Let’s explore together their needs for care, tank requirements, diet preferences, social dynamics and health management, all essential parts of keeping these fascinating creatures happy and healthy in captivity.

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Freshwater Stingray

Freshwater Stingray Care Guide (Types, Care, and Environment)

If you’ve ever been to an aquarium, you might have experienced stingrays firsthand at a touch tank. These are controlled systems where visitors can extend their hands into the water with the hopes that a stingray will swim by to be touched. These stingrays have had their barbs removed and have been acclimated to being touched, making this a safe and fun experience for both parties.

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Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp – A Complete Care Guide

Freshwater fish get all the attention. But have you ever set up a tank filled with fish and felt like something was still missing from the display? Like there wasn’t enough movement or color on the bottom of the tank? This is where shrimp come in!

The freshwater hobby has many different shrimp species to choose from. One of these is the bamboo shrimp which is simple in appearance but a unique and efficient algae controller.

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German Blue Ram

A Complete Care Guide for German Blue Rams—Feeding, Housing, Breeding, and More

The aquarium world knows German Blue Rams as one of the most beginner-friendly fish. However, upon asking most fish keepers, I realized they may pose some serious challenges, even to experienced fish enthusiasts.

Therefore, in this article, I’m going to talk everything about German blue ram fish and how to keep them happy, thriving, and alive in the aquarium hobby.

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