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Koi vs Goldfish


Have you ever been to fishing exhibitions? If you have, chances are that you have had a hard time distinguishing between Koi and Goldfish amid fish galore.

And that’s not just you! Anyone can confuse the two breeds because of their uncanny resemblance. Even though Koi and goldfish look so much alike, they are actually two completely different varieties with distinctive characteristics.

In this article, I’ll put my years of experience to use and show you some of the obvious differences between Koi fish and goldfish that should help you identify the two easily.

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Best Place To Buy Fish Online

Best Place To Buy Fish Online 2022 REVIEWS- Top Recommendations (And 2 To Avoid!)

Looking for the best place to buy fish online? I get this asked to me a lot and it brings back memories when I started out in the saltwater tank hobby back in the early 90s. Back then you just went to the local fish store to get your fish, live plants, and corals. I remember there was a store called Flying Fish Express and me trying to myself how crazy this is that you can get a fish shipped to you overnight.

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Best Canister Filter Reviews

Best Canister Filters Compared (2022 Reviews🏅)

For those hobbyists getting serious about aquarium keeping, high quality filtration is top of mind for keeping the best fish only and planted tank systems. While hang on back power filters have their place in community community setups, there are setups with heavier demands like planted and predator tanks that require a high end filtration solution. This is where canister filters come in.

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Best Nano Reef Tank

Best Nano Reef Tank – The 7 to Buy (2022 Reviews)

For someone who is a seasoned hobbyist, a nano reef tank offers a challenge with great rewards for either home or office. For a new hobbyist, a nano reef tank offers an entry into the wonderful hobby of reef aquarium keeping for those who take the proper steps.

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Freshwater Shrimp Tank

How to Set up a Freshwater Shrimp Tank: The Ultimate Guide

Shrimp tanks are getting very popular these days. Shrimp with their small size, active nature, and appealing personality have increased in popularity especially with nano or smaller tanks. Shrimp tanks have some special considerations though to be successful. They can be intimating at first because they can be more delicate than fish and require a bit more planning then first.

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Best Driftwood for Aquariums

Best Driftwood For Aquariums (2022 Reviews) – 9 Amazing Pieces For Your Tank!

Driftwood in an Aquarium can look stunning and offer lot of options for designing your aquarium. They can make some really amazing aquascapes, especially heavily planted ones. We need to be careful in our driftwood selection process though. 

Today’s post discusses the best driftwood for aquariums. Much like the best aquarium rocks post earlier, driftwood is not as simple as picking it out of of your local pond or aquarium. Driftwood if not selected or prepped properly can have disastrous results in your aquarium.

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Gold Fish Tank

Goldfish Tank – Your Guide To Successful Goldfish Care

The Goldfish is one of the most popular fish in our aquarium hobby. It may even have been the first fish you had when you first got introduced to aquariums. You may have even come across this article thinking about setting up a Goldfish tank for the first time or for a loved one. They really are an amazing fish that are also easily misunderstood. Because they are usually a first-time fish, a number of us enter into Goldfish care and keeping with little knowledge on what is needed to have them thrive.

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Best LED Lighting For Reef Tanks

Best LED Lighting for Reef Tanks – (2022 Reviews 🏅) & Guide

LED lighting systems are the rage these days for Reef Tanks. It makes a lot of sense why. The best LED lighting systems will have a lot of user friendly features like timers, ramp up and ramp down features, the ability to adjust spectrum, and multiple mount options. The main attraction for LED though, is the power savings features. LEDs are a lot more energy efficient than traditional T5s and metal halides.

In today’s post, I’m going to go through the best LED lighting for Reef Tanks. I will break what these systems are best for, what they are good and not good at, and offer our recommended picks. The end goal is to provide the necessary information you need to make an informed decision as to what is the best LED lighting system for you. Let’s get started!

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Bubble Tip Anemone Care Guide (Have Success with BTAs)

Many of us got interested in saltwater fish by seeing clownfish and anemones. It is a very common desire to eventually want to pair your clown with an anemone. While a captive raised clownfish is a easy to care for fish, an anemone is considered a more difficult to keep invertebrate. They require stability, a high amount of light, and good flow. I’m writing this guide because I get asked a lot from clients how they can keep an anemone. I’m going to focus today on the easiest to keep anemone that a clownfish will host – the bubble tip anemone.

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As a regular shopper on other aquarium e-stores, he often grew frustrated at the overwhelming selection of products and the general nature of seeing companies trying to sell the latest and greatest tech (toys) to the industry. 

At Aquarium Store Depot, we seek to change that by offering a limited selection of products vetted out by our creator’s experience as a fellow fish enthusiast. 

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Best Automatic Fish Feeder

The Best Automatic Fish Feeder – 7 Best (2022 Reviews)

When it comes to fish feeders, there are a lot of different options on the market. In this blog post, I will be discussing the best automatic fish feeders and what you should look for when purchasing one. I have created a list of the 7 best automatic fish feeders currently available and will provide a review for each one. So, whether you are a beginner fish keeper or an experienced one, this blog post is for you! Let’s start first by talking about what I look for when shopping for these products.

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How To Lower pH In Aquarium

How to Lower pH In Aquarium – 7 Proven Methods

If you keep fish in an aquarium, it’s important to maintain the water’s pH level. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. If the pH level is too high or too low, it can be harmful to the fish. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to lower pH in aquariums using 7 proven methods. Keep reading for more information!

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Zebra Danio

All About The Zebra Danio Fish

Today, I will talk about the Zebra danio aquarium fish with a high energy level and extra mild temperament that is both; easy to keep and breed, even for novice aquarists. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss everything about Zebra danios.

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Blue Freshwater Fish

Blue Freshwater Fish – 15 Amazing Types

Do you love blue fish? You may have seen amazing saltwater fish like royal blue tangs and yellowtail blue damselfish, but there are also many amazing freshwater options to choose from! In this article, I’ll introduce 15 amazing blue fish species that you can keep in your own freshwater aquarium, so let’s get started!

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Food For Saltwater Fish

Food For Saltwater Fish – 7 Best (2022 Reviews)

Are you looking for the best food to feed your saltwater fish? You’re in luck – we’ve compiled a list of the seven best options. Keep reading to learn more about which food for saltwater fish that’s right for you and your fish. Let’s start by looking at what criteria will determine the highest quality foods for your saltwater tank.

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Chili Rasbora

Chili Rasbora – Ultimate Care Guide

The chili rasbora, AKA mosquito rasbora (Boraras brigittae) is an amazing little nano fish. More and more fish keepers have crossed over to the nano side of the hobby because of the diversity of species you can keep in a limited amount of space. When choosing a nano species, the chili rasbora has it all – great personality, and awesome looks, all packed into less than an inch!

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Betta Bubble Nest

Betta Bubble Nest – Why They Do It

Do you have a betta fish in a fish tank? If so, then you’ve probably noticed that they sometimes make betta bubble nests. But why do they do it? And what does it mean if your betta builds a bubble nest? Keep reading to find out!

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Best Flake Fish Food

Best Flake Fish Food – The 7 Best (2022 Review)

When it comes to choosing the best flake fish food, there are a lot of options on the market. With so many varieties available, it can be tough to decide which one is best for your fish. In this article, we will take a look at seven of the best flake fish foods on the market and compare them based on their ingredients, brand name, and availability. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision about what to feed your fish. Let’s dive in by looking at the criteria we are using to determine the best ones.

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