The Real Truth About Glofish Care (From An Expert Aquarist)

Have you ever seen those brightly colored, almost glowing fish in aquariums and wondered what they are? Meet Glofish, a genetically modified freshwater species that has taken the aquarium hobby by storm. These unique fish not only bring a splash of vibrant color to your tank but also offer an interesting story behind their creation. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating world of Glofish and guide you through the essential aspects of their care and maintenance.

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Fish That Start With M

15 Aquarium Fish That Start With M (With Photos)

The letter M might contain one of the fish you’re looking for! You might find it slightly challenging to think of any tropical fish species that start with the letter M, and that’s for a reason. While many fish start with M, they’re some of the lesser-known species available in the hobby. That isn’t to say they can’t make a great new addition to a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, though!

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Best Fish For 20 Gallon Tank

Best Fish For 20 Gallon Tank – 21 Great Choices (With Pictures!)

Are you setting up a 20-gallon tank for freshwater fish? Congratulations, you’ve chosen a great fish tank size! However, it can take ages of research to choose the right fish species with so many beautiful options available in the hobby. Fear not fellow fishkeepers, this guide introduces 21 amazing freshwater fish that are perfect. Let’s go over the 21 Best Fish For 20 Gallon Tanks!

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