Bumblefoot in Birds

Bumblefoot In Birds – 9 Tips to protect your pet

Does your bird have an issue with its foot? This could be what is called Bumblefoot. The medical term for bumblefoot is ulcerative pododermatitis or a foot infection. There are many things that can cause your bird to have Bumblefoot, and there are things that you can do to help prevent your bird from having bumblefoot.

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Best Flight Cage

Best Flight Cage – 7 for your feathered friends (2023 Reviews)

The joy of having a bird is ethereal. Bird owners love and adore their feathered pets so much that they spend thousands of bucks on them, feed them, play with them, make them swing and sing to their fullest. However, one thing that novice bird keepers usually lag behind is investing in a quality flight cage for their feathery friends.

Bird cages come in a variety of colors, sizes, models, and shapes. However, the best flight cage is the one that suffices your pet friends’ needs and fits exactly to their size.

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Best Bird Playground

Best Bird Playground – 7 Your Birds will Love (2023 Reviews)

Imagine being in the same room all day, every day? Sounds exhausting, right?

That’s exactly the life of your feathered friend without a reasonable bird playground!

Bird play gyms allow your pet to play independently in their pen without your assistance, improving their overall mental and physical health. But how do you determine the best bird playground that works for you and your avian friend?

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Best Bird Perches

The 7 Best Bird Perches (Keep Your Bird’s Feet Healthy) – 2023 Reviews

A bird uses its feet to forage, climb, swing, and eat. Therefore, maintaining optimal foot health is crucial for your pet birds, and a key to maintaining healthy feet is to challenge your bird’s feet through bird perches.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the best bird perches to overcome your bird’s chewing and maintain healthy feet by constantly stimulating them.

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Best Toys For Parakeets


Parakeets are the most popular and playful birds with a variety of colors. They are small, yet very intelligent and friendly. An intelligent bird needs the best bird toys to not get bored.

Parakeets are highly social pets. They love to interact with their owners and talk to them for hours. However, bird owners seldom get time to spend with their pets every day, leaving their parakeets all alone in the cage.

To cater to this, bird enthusiasts came up with an incredible idea to get bird toys for parakeets. Parakeets love colorful, noisy, and hanging toys. Hence, the market is flooded with countless options.

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Best Cockatiel Cage


Getting a cockatiel is an exciting time. They are one of the most loveable pet birds you can own and having the best cockatiel cage you can buy will allow them to have a safe place to be and hang out in. Today, I’m going to go over the all the popular bird cage options today and which ones fit best for your cockatiel. I will go through what to look for, what are the best brands, and give you a variety of options are different price points. Before we get started let’s talk about what I’m looking for when purchasing a quality cage.

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Bird Cage Setup – 9 Elements of Success to Build the Perfect Home for Your Pet

A bird cage purchase is a major decision when getting started on keeping a pet bird. A proper bird cage setup is also a big consideration in order to make sure you have everything needed for your bird to be comfortable. A bird’s home should be safe, spacious, and have room for them to stretch their wings and play.

Today’s post I’m going to cover everything you need in order to setup a bird cage correctly. I will go through what to look for in a cage, talk about getting the proper bird perches, and what types of toys to purchase. Help with finding the right items to purchase, this post will contain affiliate links. An affiliate link means I may earn advertising or referral fees if you make a purchase through my link. With that disclosure out of the way, let’s get started

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Best Pet Birds For Beginners

The 9 Best Pet Birds For Beginners

Are you a beginner looking for a pet bird? If so, you are in the right spot today as today I talk about the best pet birds for beginners. To give you a background, aside from owning aquariums for over 20 years, I have also had the pleasure of having pet birds over the years. I’m definitely a unicorn where I like Cats, Birds, and fish — yet my cats are all interested in my other pets for the wrong reason! Either way, I love all my pets and being a blogger allows me to write about what I love and share useful knowledge in making your decision of having quality pets and companionship. So let’s talk about what to look for when looking for a great first time bird.

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