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Birds are incredibly intelligent pets. With proper care and attention, you can train them to learn a variety of tricks, games, and even vocalize. However, birds in cages can get seriously bored and demand much of your attention, which can cause you serious trouble.

Therefore, play is vital to healthy brain development and overall fitness for your pets. Since birds are one of the smartest animals, they tend to get bored easily, and an annoyed bird is naughty enough to foster creativity and pick up bad habits such as chewing, screeching, and other destructive behaviors. To cater to their boredom, pet bird toys are imperative to keep your birds busy, entertained, and provide mental stimulation.

If you are new to bird ownership, the first thing you need to decide on besides a bird cage are pet bird toys that would help your birds fulfill their natural instincts and entertain them thoroughly.

Bird Toys For Your Cherished Pet

The market is flooded with a myriad of brands selling toys for your little birdies. But before you invest in bird toys, know that every bird is different, and a toy that suits your lovebirds might not serve your parrots, and vice versa.

Therefore, you need to conduct extensive research based on your bird’s natural instincts and behavioral patterns in their natural habitat to find the best bird toys.

To make your purchase easier, I’ve hand-vetted a list of the 7 best bird toys that your exotic pets would love.

In A Hurry? I recommend Squawk Box’s Subscription Service!

Editor’s Choice!
  • Subscription Box
  • Variety
Click For Best Price
Best Value
Planet Pleasures Octopus Pinata Bird Toy
Planet Pleasures Octopus Pinata Bird Toy
  • Shreddable
Buy On ChewyBuy On Amazon
Budget Option
Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy
Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy
  • Foraging
Buy On ChewyBuy On Amazon
Feathered Fun Box Feathered Fun Box
  • Subscription Box
  • Variety
Click For Best Price
Bird Kabob Bird Kabob
  • Shreddable
Buy On Amazon
Bonka Bird Toys Helix Finger Trap Bonka Bird Toys Helix Finger Trap
  • Foraging
Buy On ChewyBuy On Amazon
Planet Pleasures 4 Ring Chain Planet Pleasures 4 Ring Chain
  • Physical Activity
Buy On Amazon

The 7 Best Bird Toys (2021 Reviews) 

Let’s go over each pick and see why they made the cut!

1. Squawk Box 

Editor's Choice
Squawk Box

Editor's Choice

A subscription box that offers you a stress free way of obtaining high quality bird toys.

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No matter how much you love your feathered friends, the constant squawking and screeching, longing for your attention might sound startling.

Squawk Box is your go to, especially if you’re a novice bird parent. Not because it has the best bird toys and treats, but because it offers 4-6 exciting items for your pets that you may not be familiar with. It’s basically a subscription box that renews every month and offers loads of entertainment for your smart friends.

The best thing I find about Squawk box is that it comes with four options based on bird types, i.e., little, middle, big, and jumbo. The treats in the subscription box are specifically designed with your birds in mind.

The subscription box includes colorful toys, recipe cards, yummy snacks, and much more. Also, during special events, themed toys are something to laud.

All in all, an ideal choice for novice bird owners that would keep your pets from squawking for your attention. There will always be a new toy for your bird with Squawk Box!

  • Removes selection anxiety
  • Available for multiple bird sizes
  • Monthly delivery
  • Toys vary

2. Planet Pleasures Octopus Pinata Bird Toy

Best Value
Planet Pleasures Octopus Pinata Toy

Best Value

Great at preventing over-preening. Made of eco-friendly materials

Buy On Chewy Buy On Amazon

If I have any problem with young pet birds, that has to be over-preening.

Sure, we all love groomed little birdies, but a ragged look seems very distressing to me.

Seems like Plant Pleasure heard me just right! Because the octopus pinata pet bird toy is a blessing in disguise for all the young birds’ parents, as it keeps them busy and entertained for a long. This bright-colored bird toy is made for smaller birds that over-groom or chew their feathers too much.

The reason I’d give this product 5 stars is that this product uses environmentally friendly, sustainable raw materials like palm leaves, coconut, and bamboo that birds would encounter in the wild.

This all-natural Octopus Pinata bird toy lets your curious birds fend off their boredom.

  • Eco friendly materials
  • Prevents over-preening
  • Demands attention from your bird
  • Doesn’t last long

3. Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy

Budget Option
Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy

Budget Option

A great foraging toy that is affordable and made of 100% natural material

Buy On Chewy Buy On Amazon

If your birdies love to play hide ‘n’ seek, they are going to love this toy!

The Pineapple foraging toy is a beautiful, handmade toy to stimulate your pet bird’s natural instincts.

For anyone who doesn’t know, birds are foragers, and so foraging helps them to kill boredom and alleviate stress.

The Pineapple foraging toy conceals food and allows the bird to eat after solving the problem, so your bird feels accomplished and rewarded for displaying their intelligence.

The toy uses 100% natural, environmentally friendly products crafted with special care that your birds would love. Also, it features hiding spots to encourage foraging instincts. You can also hide treats in the spaces between the nips to encourage your bird to forage.

It’s a very budget-friendly option for birds of all sizes and breeds. Plus, the fibrous material used in the manufacture of this product grooms your bird’s beak and prevents abnormal overgrowth.

The Planet Pleasures’ Pineapple foraging bird toy allows your pet birds to play wild and free.

  • Natural materials
  • Great for foraging
  • Budget friendly
  • Some birds weirded out by it

4. Feathered Fun Box

Feathered Fun Box

Created by YouTube influencer Marlene McCohen, this subscription box is specially made for birds. Filled with toys and treats!

Click For Best Price

YouTube is filled with a number of pet influencers. In the bird space, the one that stands out the most is Marlene Mc’Cohen. She has been providing parrot education on the platform for over 10 years. She recently released a subscription box based off her experience as a bird keeper. With her Feathered Fun Box, she takes away all your buyer anxiety with a subscription of high quality toys available for all bird species.

Feathered Fun Box is a great choice as a new bird parent. She does all the guesswork for you. It’s more expensive than Squawk box, but the toys are more specialized. This will keep your bird entertained for hours and a great way to support one of the better bird content creators on the internet!

  • Subscription service
  • High quality items
  • Supports content creators
  • Expensive
  • Toys vary

5. Bird Kabob

Bird Kabob

The bird kabob is the original shreddable bird toy. A great way for your bird to relieve stress

Buy On Amazon

Birds can be aggressive chewers, and you can’t do much about it. But you can get them Bird Kabob chew toy for a great shredding and chewing experience.

The Bird Kabob toy is made of 100% natural dried Yucca with FDA approved food coloring, which makes it completely safe for your birdie babies.

Allow your feathered friends to get naughty with this chew toy and watch them go crazy over Bird Kabob shreddable toy.

The Bird Kabob is ideal for Parakeets, Budgies, Lovebirds, and other smaller parrots with feather picking problems. Also, it’s a chewable and biodegradable toy that provides mental stimulation and causes no harm to your pet and environment.

You can hang the chew toy up in your bird’s cage to witness nonstop fun!

  • Cheap
  • Natural materials
  • Birds go crazy for it
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Not for large birds

6. Bonka Bird Toys Helix Finger Trap

Bonka Bird Toys Helix Finger Trap

A climbing and foraging toy that will entertain your bird for hours!

Buy On Chewy Buy On Amazon

Do your parrots climb the bars of their cage too much? It’s time to add an exciting piece of enrichment!

The Bonka Finger Trap pet bird toy is a climbing and shredding toy that is outstanding for quiet play and amusement. The ladder is made of the natural vine with a graspable and chewable texture that allows your pet bird to shred and chew along as it climbs the ladder.

The best part about Bonka bird toys is it never lets boredom strike your pet bird.The vivid and catchy colored bamboo finger traps are soft, chewable, and a perfect treat for your pet bird to gnaw on. Also, you can twist them to change the shape and entertain your pet for several hours. However, I’d not recommend this toy for young parrots, as it has little rubber pieces that your parrot might choke on.

Overall, an excellent purchase for medium and large birds to keep them active throughout the day.

  • Multi-use toy
  • Natural materials
  • Colors demand attention
  • Not for baby birds
  • Macaws can tear it apart fast!

7. Planet Pleasures – 4 ring chain Pet Bird Toys

Planet Pleasures 4 Ring Toy

A multi-purpose toy for small and medium sized birds.

Buy On Amazon

Birds love to swing, hang, and chew. These activities provide mental stimulation and encourage healthy growth in your pet birds.

Planet Pleasures’ 4 ring chain is a great way to encourage these exercises and provides a safe place for your birds to swing and hang around.

It is an eco-friendly, handmade, funky fitness ladder that is reinvented with colorful woven palm leaves to help your birdies fulfill their instincts by swinging, hanging, or chewing on it.

The fact that this toy is multi-purpose makes it perfect for medium and smaller birds that rely on a variety of different activities to kill their boredom.

  • Multi-use toy
  • Eco-friendly materialsn
  • Not for large birds
  • Doesn’t last long

What Is the Best Bird Toy? (My Recommendation)

Editor’s Choice!
Squawk Box
Squawk Box
  • A Stress Free Subscription
Best Value
Planet Pleasures Octopus Piñata Bird Toy
Planet Pleasures Octopus Piñata Bird Toy
  • Great Toy and Great Price!
Budget Option
Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy
Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy
  • Cheap and Effective

All the bird toys mentioned above are safe to use for your parrots. However, if you are looking for a few valuable toys. I would highly recommend:

  1. Squawk box
  2. Octopus Pinata toy
  3. Pineapple foraging toy

The reason I chose them is their perpetual benefits to your pets. Whenever you buy a new toy for your pet, it tends to play with it for a few days and then gets tired. The aforementioned toys make sure that your pets get the best time providing quality and quantity, both.

Squawk box is the best option for young parrots (mini macaws) and novice bird owners, while the other two options accommodate large birds and intelligent parrots the most.

Buyers’ Guide – How To Choose Safe Toys For Your Pet Birds

Toys are essential for your pet’s physical and mental health and provide a gateway to pleasure. However, when it comes to toys, the market is flooded with several options, and it can be overwhelming for new bird owners to choose the best toy for their feathered pets.

Birds are prone to getting bored and exhausted, and each bird has a peculiar nature, which makes it baffling to choose the right toy. Therefore, make sure to consider the following points while choosing the right toy for your bird.

Size and Personality

The size and personality of your pet bird matter the most. Larger birds like cockatoo and macaw have powerful beaks and can withstand the bite pressure of 500 pounds per square inch, while smaller birds play very gently with their toys. Therefore, the toy should be appropriate for your pet bird’s nature, size, and personality.


Safety is of paramount importance. You should always check the labels before buying anything for your little friend.

If the toy is made of cheap PVC plastic, keep it away from your pet’s reach. Sometimes, the materials used in the manufacture of toys might seem safe, such as leather, wood, and metal chains.

Hoever, the above materials should be checked to see if they untreated, non-toxic, and chrome-plated to minimize the potential hazards.

Did you know?

Not all tree branches are safe for your parrots. 

According to Gillian Willis, a Canadian aviculturist and toxicologist, the safe wood for birds includes.

  1. Apple
  2. Dogwood
  3. Birch
  4. Pine
  5. Cottonwood
  6. Poplar
  7. Crab-apple
  8. Willow

Toy Categories

Different birds appreciate different toys, and the variety of toys is usually based on the bird’s natural instincts and behavior in their natural habitat.

The different bird toys include.

Foraging toys

Foraging toys are intended for birds that show incredible intelligence and curiosity. These toys compel your birds to search for food and reward them in return, just like they would in the wild.

Rope Toys

If your parrot is fond of chewing, untying, retying, and rope knots, rope toys are an optimal choice. Make sure the ropes used in the toy are safe to use for your parrots. I always recommend cotton rope toys, as they are the best toys under proper supervision and do not strangle or entangle or cause damage if ingested.

Another reliable alternative is natural sisal rope provided that it is oil-, pesticide-free.

Natural Toys

Natural toys are hands down the best bird toys available in markets. 

Natural toys are made using raw materials such as palm leaf and willow to chew on. These toys are often wrapped and bundled together, such as Octopus Pinata Toy.

Foot Toys

If you ever noticed an African Grey parrot with great leg strength, coordination, and dexterity, it is because they love playing with foot toys. Foot toys provide remarkable beak and feet exercise and prevents conditions like bumblefoot.

Climbing and Swinging Toys

The swinging and climbing toys provide your pets with a fun way to play, sing, and exercise in a bird cage. These toys are extremely popular with young birds that are highly energetic and exploring other means of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bird Toy FAQ

What types of toys do birds like?

Birds love toys. However, toys are often grouped in different categories based on birds’ instincts and behaviors. Hence, larger birds love problem-solving toys such as puzzles or foraging toys. Other smaller birds appreciate climbing and swinging toys. However, species like Macaw, Cockatoos enjoy wood and rope toys to chew.

Therefore, proper research is essential before making any bird toy purchases.

How do you keep birds entertained?

Adopting a pet bird comes with heavy responsibilities, and one thing is to keep them entertained, especially if you are a busy person. Imagine being locked inside a cage all day with no source of fun. To keep them entertained, you need to provide them with distraction.

The distraction can be in any form; your attention, a roomy cage, a nice companion, or bird toys. Parrot toys are a great source of entertainment and keep them busy, happy, and healthy.
Apart from providing them with pet bird toys, make sure to place the cage where your bird can easily interact with other people. Also, provide them with healthy playtime outside their cages to fight boredom.

Is Yarn safe for bird toys?

I never recommend yarn for bird toys. In fact, yarn is a slow poison that is exposed to dangerous chemicals and dyes and might harm your pet. Therefore, yarn is not safe for bird toys.

You can try natural fibers instead, such as:

– Cloth strips
– Grass clippings
– Cocoa fiber
– Plant and seeds
– Untreated jute
– Hemp cord.

How many toys should a pet bird have?

I always prefer quality over quantity. And so, I believe 3 to 4 quality toys are enough to keep your bird entertained. However, it gets boring to play with the same toys every day. Therefore, I recommend keeping a stash of 15-20 toys in a box and rotate them every 2 days or a week.

This way you won’t have to clutter the bird cages with many toys, and your pets will never get bored with the toys.

Are plastic toys safe for birds?

Most toys are made of cheap plastic, and they are a big no-no for pets.

However, strong acrylic plastic toys are considered safe to use, provided that your birds are not destroying or swallowing them. Medium birds like to take things apart, and so they could potentially harm themselves with plastic.

Even though acrylic plastic toys are safe for use, I still recommend other alternative toys such as cotton rope toys, sisal rope toys, natural wood toys, baby toys, foot toys, swings, ladders, fleece toys, and acrylic plastic chain.

For larger birds, I recommend:

– Bird perches
– Foraging toys
– Play stands that provide physical and mental stimulation.

Final Thoughts

Many people prefer birds over other pets. It is mainly because birds are low-maintenance, less messy, and make the best companions. However, with birds comes heavy responsibilities. One of the staple supplies that bird enthusiasts should invest in are bird toys.

We often keep birds in cages, which provides less physical activities and more mental exhaustion. Therefore, bird owners should resort to premium-quality bird toys to educate and train, help them fulfill their instincts, and provide a source of entertainment.

by Mark

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