Copper Power Dosage Calculator

Copper Power is the best chelated copper available in the industry. To provide an easy go to guideline for our visitors and clients, we have provided the calculator below to get to you to the therapeutic PPM range you desire. Effective range of Chealted copper is 1.50 – 2.00 PPM. Copper Power’s instruction state to dose up to 2.50 PPM, which is considered an overdosed copper situation. This calculation will allow you to dose to the 1.50 – 2.00 PPM range that many in the hobby use. If you are overdosed, simply change water and replace with fresh un-medicated water by the percentage drop need to get you back in range.

For example if you are overdosed at 2.75 PPM and want to get down to 1.75 PPM this would be a 1.00 PPM decrease or 36% decrease from the original PPM value. So you will want to change 36% of the water to get to 1.75 PPM.

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We highly recommend testing your copper levels with a Hanna Copper Test Kit