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April 03, 2020

Best Rimless Aquariums

Are you looking for a modern looking aquarium? If so, rimless aquariums are for you. They are sleek, clean looking, are made of ultra clear glass and look incredible anywhere you place them. Say no more to those ugly plastic braces, it's time to look at the very best rimless aquariums money can buy.

A Rimless aquarium offers the look. That professional awarding winning look that many are looking for when they think of their dream aquascape and livestock in their tanks. We are looking to build the perfect looking aquarium. They are pricier than your standard rimmed or braced tanks, but they are so worth the price to set one up.

There are a number of considerations we have to keep in mind when purchasing a rimless that I'm going to go over today. In this post, I will walk you through what to look out for when selecting the best rimless aquariums on the market. I will then go over reviews of the rimless aquariums available on the market that are ready to buy.

Before we start, I will disclose there will be affiliate links in this post where I may get a commission should you choose to make a purchase at no charge to you.

Are you ready to get started with me? Let's get this going!

What To Look For When Buying A Rimless Aquarium

Before we start comparing rimless aquariums, we need to talk about what to look for when purchasing one. A number of manufacturers have hopped on the rimless aquarium brand wagon and they are all not created equal. 

First thing is first, let's talk about what you want. What are your goals? Are you looking to do a planted tank? Are you looking to do a reef tank? Are you desiring an all in one setup? What is your budget? These are all questions you want to write down and know before you go comparison shopping because rimless aquariums are designs for multiple specialty tanks so there should be a rimless aquarium for you once you know what you want to do with your tank build.

What Is A Rimless Aquarium? How Do They Work and How Are they Constructed?

A rimless aquarium is an aquarium that lacks bracing. In a typical aquarium, they are manufactured by siliconing the glass pieces together than supporting the silicon joints with a plastic brace or rimless around the bottom and top of the tank.  Tanks have been constructed in this fashion for many years. They are produced at mass scale, are cheap, and very durable due to the bracing. 

A rimless aquarium is constructed using what we call the direct injection method. Silicon is injected directly into the joint and pieces are squeezed together. The injection method is a very precise method. Doing it correctly makes for a clean look without any silicon sticking out of the edges. There are a lot of DIY videos out there that should this process and you can definitely try this yourself. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a lot of in building tanks.

Traditional vs Low Iron Glass Aquariums 

Another big selling point with rimless aquariums is that many are constructed with low iron glass. All manufacturers use different names for this. Some call it Starfire glass others call it ultra clear others diamond grade. Whatever they want to call or market it as it is all low iron glass at the end of the day. Low iron glass removes that green tint you will see in traditional glass. The larger the tank, the more noticeable of a difference you will see between low iron and traditional glass tanks. 

Low Iron vs Traditional Glass Clarity

Types of Rimless Aquariums

As I stated earlier in the post, there are various types of rimless aquariums you can purchase out there. Let me go over the various types and what they are best for.

Bare Bones Rimless Aquariums

Bare Bones Rimless Aquariums

This is just the glass aquarium itself. These types of aquariums are best for planted tank setups. Many planted tank setups and aquascape what a completely clear background to start. Since they are typically using canister filters they have no need for an overflow system. A transparent background is perfect for a planted tank to really showcase light for that mountain or landscape like look that many aquascapers are looking to do.

All In One Rimless Aquariums


All In One Rimless Aquariums

An all in one rimless aquarium are designed to be a complete aquarium kit. They come with a chamber at the side or back of the tank. The chamber has a media chamber where you can add your desired filter media and will have a return and sometimes an optional 2nd chamber for you to add additional equipment like a protein skimmer or auto top off unit. These types of tanks are excellent first time reef or saltwater tanks. They can make great freshwater tanks, though planted tank setups may need additional modifications to add an Aquarium CO2 system and reduce the flow depending on the livestock selection.

Reef Ready Rimless Aquariums

 Reef Ready Rimless Aquarium

A Reef ready rimless aquarium is a tank with overflows built in. They typically are drilled at the bottom and will use a durso overflow. High end aquariums of this style will sometimes be built using bean animal overflows. These are aquariums are designed to be used with an aquarium sump. They are best suited for high end reef tanks. These tanks start you off with a great foundation and are easy to install.

The Benefits Of A Rimless Aquarium (Why Do You Need One)

Let's talk about why you would want a rimless aquarium. Aside from the appealing look there are other great reasons to purchase one:

  • Many rimless aquariums are made of low iron glass. The large these tanks are the bigger the difference. This provides a clear unfiltered view to your aquarium displaying it's true beauty. Only an acrylic tank can match the clarity of a iron low aquarium
  • You have a clear view of your water line with a rimless aquarium. This gives your tank a more natural look
  • Many rimless aquariums come in cube form. While not the best for most fish, this can save you a lot of money down the road when it comes to purchasing lights as many LED are designed for 2 x 2 footfoots
  • For you saltwater tank owners, you won't have to deal with that annoying salt creep on the braces of your tank. If you ever owned a euro-braced tank, the difference is night and day on the salt creep you can accumulate. 
  • They are designed for open tops, creating the best gas exchange possible for your aquarium

The Best Rimless Aquarium Reviews

Now that we know what to look for, the types of rimless aquariums available, and what makes them an amazing buy it's time to talk about the best rimless aquariums out there. The list below our picks after client field testing and our own experience with these manufacturers. There is an rimless aquarium for everyone on this list. Let's begin! 

Picture Name Best For Links
Fluval Evo Aquarium Fluval Sea Evo Nano Reef Tanks
Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Tank Planted Tanks
Nuvo Fusion Lagoon Innovative Marine Nuvo Lagoon Nano Reef Tanks
Marineland Portrait Aquarium Marineland Portrait Aquarium Freshwater Tanks
Laden Rimless Aquariums Laden Rimless Aquariums Planted Tanks

Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium All
R & J Enterprises Fusion X Fish Tanks R&J Enterprises Fusion X Fish Tanks All
Seapora Reef Ready Rimless Aquarium Seapora  Reef Ready Rimless Aquarium Reef Tanks
SC Aquariums Rimless Cube SC Aquarium Rimless Cube Aquariums Reef Tanks

SCA 150 Gallon Plug N Play System SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Plug N Play System Reef Tanks
Water Box Cube Aquariums Waterbox Cube Aquariums Saltwater Tanks


 1. Fluval Sea Evo - A Great Nano Reef Tank

Fluval Sea Evo Review

The Fluval Sea Evo is a great rimless aquarium if you are looking for a nano reef tank. This aquarium is designed exactly for that purpose if everything that you would want to get you started. This tank is so well love that it is the official tank of of Biota's sustainable reef kits. Biota, if you do not know are huge pioneers in our industry. They were the first mass producers of the tank raised Tang and Clown Trigger. If this is a choice of a cutting edge breeder in our industry, this is a product to look into.

The Fluval has it all to get started. It comes with a competent light that acts like a cover. The media chambers are good enough and the return pump is strong enough for corals. The main this with this Evo is you have to know what it is designed for. It is designed for low light corals and small reef fish. If you keep that in mind, you can build an amazing easy to keep nano reef tank.

The best issue with this tank is the heat management. This is a big concern if you live in a warmer climate. Because the tank volume is small and covered, heat gets trapped during hot days. Make sure you have adequate AC coverage in the area you place your Fluval Evo in.


  • Comes with light and cover
  • Price
  • Peninsula style


  • Heat management
  • Light not very powerful

Best For - Nano Reef Tanks

2. Hygger Horizon Tank - A Great Starter Freshwater Tank

Hygger Horizon Aquarium Review

I feel like Hygger really though about everything and the kitchen sink when they put this package together. This tank comes with a filter, a light, and a 3D background. A 3D background is an amazing add-on to this package in my mind. They are usually expensive than Hygger came up with a good background to hide the filter and your heater. The background is also has the ability to grow ground cover plants like java moss. I'm really impressed what they managed to squeeze in here. The price is awesome as well.

Now for the cons. It is difficult to clean below the 3D background. I felt they should have just made the background so to the bottom, but I can also see why they did this as it give fish a natural piece to hide at night. The filter that comes with the tank is not that great. I'm used to traditional media chambers where you can load up on whatever you want. Not sure much with this setup. The light is only mean for low light aquarium plants, which is fine in my book given the size of the aquarium. Definitely check this one out if you are looking for a small freshwater tank!


  • Comes with a 3D background
  • Comes with light
  • Price


  • Hard to clean below 3D background
  • Filter not that great compared to most all in one tanks

Best For - Freshwater Tanks

3. Innovative Nuvo Lagoon - A High End Nano Reef Tank

Innovative Nuvo Lagoon

Nuvo Aquariums are well known in the saltwater tank hobby as one of the best rimless aquariums you can buy. This Lagoon model from Nuvo does not disappoint.  It comes with a great media chamber or the option to use a filter sock. The return pump is a DC pump that is power and very reliable. The dual outlets are great for getting your flow dialed in correctly. I also really like that they added their mesh screen lids. Nuvo designs a number of accessories for their aquariums including protein skimmers, media reactors, and wavemakers so going with their line will always mean you can find accessories that fit your aquarium.

The main thing not to like here is the height of the aquarium. It only stands at 12 inches in height. That's not stellar for a display tank. A 16" height would be preferable. The price is only at the high end, but you get what you pay for with this aquarium. 


  • Awesome equipment included
  • Dual outlets
  • Nuvo brand name


  • Price
  • Short height for a display tank

Best For - Nano Reef Tanks

4. Marineland Portrait Aquarium - A Quality yet Cheap Rimless Aquarium

Marineland Portrait Aquarium Review

The Marineland Portrait Aquarium is a great first fish tank. It is a rimless aquarium that comes with a lot of great features. It comes with a 3 stag filtration system that uses Marineland's well known Rite-Size cartridges and utilizes bio-foam as a biological filter. The kit also comes with a competent LED system that offers three settings. There is also a sliding canopy that is included that can be used to cover the tank and can be brought out when it comes to cleaning the tank and feeding your fish. A return pump is also including. This aquarium is ready to run out of the box. All of those comes with a very reasonable price. It's the cheapest rimless tank on this list.

The only thing I don't like about this system is Marineland recommends placing the heater outside of the filtration chamber. I was hoping to place it inside the chamber for a clean look.


  • Great price
  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Easy to run and maintain


  • Tank is designed for freshwater 
  • Marineland recommends placing heater outside of filtration chamber

Best For - Freshwater Tanks

5. Laden Rimless Aquariums - Great for Planted Tanks

Laden Rimless Aquarium Review

This rimless aquarium by Laden is great for planted tanks. They are just what we are looking for when we are creating a planted tank aquascape. This low iron tank is expertly crafted and they are available in multiple sizes. The one I have linked in this post I feel is the ideal size for many first time aquascaping projects. 

Laden aquariums are only available online, which makes them perfect for those who cannot purchase a rimless aquarium locally. They are well known for their great packaging that ensures your aquarium arrives undamaged from shipping.

The only cons I have with this tank is the price. You get what you pay for with this tank. It's one of the better bare bones rimless aquariums on the market.


  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Great packaging on shipping


  • Price 

Best For - Planted Tanks

6. Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium - A Valued Prices Rimless Tank

Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium Review

The Lifegard Crystal Aquarium is a great value for those looking for a rimless aquarium. The price on these tanks are tough to beat. It comes with a traditional all in one chamber where you can place your media and equipment in the back. They utilize bio-balls for their biological media, which I feel is a old school this day and age.  The pump that comes with the tank is strong then most I've seen included in all in one tanks. It may need to be adjusted down for those with planted tanks.

The main thing I see as a con here is the media included. Bioball is just weird to me these days. I would prefer a media chamber with multiple stages so I can put whatever I want in it like Innovative offers. The price on these tanks is definetly worth a consideration!


  • Price
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Strong pump


  • Not a fan of the media included

Best For - All Tanks

7. R&J Enterprises Fusion X Fish Tanks - A Rimless Tank with Stand

R&J Enterprises Fusion X Fish Tanks Review

The R&J Enterprise Fusion X Fish tank is a great mid-size aquarium to consider. The best selling point here is the tank comes with a modern looking cabinet. This isn't your usual particle board stand. It stands at 34" tall and comes with shelving where you can house all your equipment and supplies for easy access. This package looks amazing in person. R&J is also known for great customer service given their usual relationship is with higher end local fish stores and tank builders.

It is only available in one size, which is a 36" length tank. It is a great looking tank and one that will accent the other decor you have in your home.


  • Comes with stand
  • Looks amazing in person
  • R&J Customer service


  • Only available in one size

Best For Reef Tanks


8. Seapora Reef Ready Rimless Aquarium - A Valued Price Reef Ready Tank

Seapora Reef Ready Tank Review

The Seapora  Reef Ready Rimless Aquarium is one of the larger aquariums on our list. These are your traditional reef ready tanks with your duro standpipe drilled at the bottom. This type of tanks are tired in true and many old school reefers like me remember these tanks as the first reef ready tanks on the market. These tanks tend to be good values and the Seapora is no exception. They can be purchased online for less than many other reef ready systems you can find. 

It's a standard reef ready aquarium so there aren't many be things to talk about here. It's also not a true rimless aquarium as there is a brace on the bottom. The overflow can be loud. I would highly recommend you purchase a maggie muffler if you purchase a reef ready tank with a durso standpipe. It will save you the agony of hearing sucking noises from your overflow. I prefer silence in my overflow. The muffler is a must in my mind.


  • Good price
  • Size
  • Reef ready


  • Not a true rimless tank
  • Loud overflow

Best For Reef Tanks

9. SC Aquarium Rimless Cube Aquariums - The Perfect Reef Ready Cube Tank

SC Aquariums Rimless Cube Aquariums

The SC Aquarium Rimless Cube Aquarium is a tank that will blow you away. It's simply amazing. I love the dimensions. The 80 gallon tank shown here is 32 x 24 x 24. 24 inches of width and height is great working space to build the aquascape of your dreams. I also love that SC builds quality overflows. They make quality durso overflows that won't drive you crazy with their noise. They will also create full packages that come complete with a sump and protein skimmer.

For example this 66 gallon system comes with the main essentials to get started. The price are amazing for what you get. It still has the 24 inches of width like the 80 gallon and only sacrifices 4 inches of height. I know many reefers who swear by SCA and have built incredible display tanks with them. Their are the ultimate valued prices reef ready systems in our industry!

SCA Aquarium 66 Gallon Package Review (Buy On Amazon)

I can go on and on about how much I like SC Aquariums, but there is even a nicer aquarium I'm about to review next 😉. What do I not like? It's the stand if you get the plug and play (PnP) system like the 66 gallon a shown above. It's a lower quality stand. The next tank from SC Aquarium address that issue.


  • Amazing dimensions
  • Reef Ready
  • Great price for a high end aquarium


  • If you buy SC's stands - they are lower quality and not tall

Best For Reef Tanks

10. SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Plug N Play System - This Tank Will Blow You Away!

SCA 150 Gallon Aquarium Plug N Play System Review

Here it is folks. This one is the motherload. Presenting the SC Aquariums 150 Gallon Plug N Play system. This tank has it all. The aquarium is well built and has perfect dimensions at 48 x 24 x 24. This is the ideal size in width and height for a reef tank. You get the space you want to build aquascape. You get the volume to put in the large fish you want like tangs. You get the height you want to build out a true mixed reef system. The overflow is a bean animal style - the best in the business.

SCA does not skim out on the cabinet on this system. The Cabinet is made of Maple. No other high end tank marker with reef ready systems on the market can say this at this price level. Not Red Sea, not Waterbox, not Elos. SCA offers multiple colors for you to pick from. 

SCA Aquarium PnP 150 Sump

The sump they provide is very sizable. At 68 gallons, it's one of the largest sumps I've seen offered. It comes complete with an ATO reservoir so your Auto Top System can do its work. The protein skimmer that comes with this system is rated for 180 gallons. Everything here is speaking perfection to me. It's one nice looking tank 😍.

What's the catch? Well, it's the most expensive rimless aquarium on this list. Even at the price, it's an amazing value. The return pump is on the weak as well, but I feel that is easily addressed with a wave maker to increase flow in your reef tank. So what are you waiting for? Wanna go big? This is the tank for you!


  • Amazing looking tank
  • Has everything you need to get started
  • Bean Animal Overflow!


  • Price
  • Weak Return pump

Best For Reef Tanks

11. Water Box Cube Tanks - A High End Rimless Tank

Waterbox Cube Aquariums

We are coming down for a high here now talking about a smaller cube tank. This Waterbox Cube system has solid dimensions and the filtration chambers are designed to fit any equipment you can think of for its size. Waterbox is known in the reef scene has building high end aquariums that are plug and play. I only made room for one large plug in play tank on my list so the bigger Waterbox systems didn't make the cut. This cube system is great however.

The price is on the higher end, but Waterbox makes high end aquariums that deserve a look.


  • Waterbox name
  • Solid dimensions
  • Ample filteration chamber for equipment


  • Price
  • Not a stellar pump

Best For Saltwater Tanks

What's the Best Rimless Aquarium (Our Expert Pick)

The moment has come to crown the best. As always I offer multiple best of here as there are many of you looking for different type of tanks.

Best Rimless Aquarium for Planted Tanks - Laden Rimless Aquarium

Best Rimless Aquarium for Reef Tanks - SCA Plug N Play 150

Best Rimless Aquarium for Nano Reef Tanks - Fluval Evo

Cheapest Rimless Aquarium - Marineland Portrait

Tips and Tricks on Owning a Rimless Aquarium

Here are a few tips and tricks to known when owning a rimless aquarium

Place your rimless aquarium on a flat complete surface

A Rimless aquarium cannot be placed on budget build aquarium stands. These are the usual particle board aquarium stands you will see at chain pet stores. Here is a picture you show you what I'm talking about

Budget Build Aquarium Stand

If you place your rimless aquarium on a stand like this, the tank will have not support at the bottom and will crack under the pressure of your water. Do not make this expensive mistake! Most rimless aquariums will come with a self leveling mat to place on your surface. Make sure you use it. If you need to purchase one, here is a link for a self leveling mat.

Install a Stylish Light

A rimless aquarium's look is compromised by a bulky and ugly looking light fixture. There are two ways to tackle this issue. Either purchase a lightweight Reef LED system that can mount on the rim of your aquarium or hang your light fixtures. On many high end aquarium install, light fixtures are hung on the ceiling or a cabinet installed hanger is placed to hang the lights. Do your yourself a favor and purchase the right looking like so you do not take away from the sleek look of your aquarium.

Wipe Down The Top Of Your Rimless Aquarium

Just use a clean towel or paper towel wipe down the top of your aquarium. Dust likes to collect up here so you will want to keep the area clean to not deter from the view of your creation.

Conclusion - Best Rimless Aquariums

Did you find what you are looking for? Have any questions? Please leave a comment below if you do. I love hearing from my readers. I hope you are able to make a better informed decision on your purchase. Thank you for reading and see you next time! 




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