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CIEE (Council of International Education and Exchange) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded over 65 years ago. It is the world leader in study abroad and exchange programs. CIEE Research Station Bonaire is one of nearly 200 study abroad programs offered by CIEE.

CIEE RSB’s mission is to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students in Tropical Marine Ecology and Conservation. They strive to give visiting scientists from around the world access as well, so they can do research at sea with our local marine population while learning about their culture too!

The Bonaire Biological Station is committed to providing scientific data, analysis and support for the environmental entities on this island in order that they may better understand what it takes maintain its natural beauty.

CIEE Study Center in Bonaire is a research based institution that offers opportunities to study marine biology, specifically on the topic of tropical ecology. The CIEE program hosts students majoring in this field as well as scientists and their assistants from around world who want to conduct academic research here for an extended period time frame with ample resources available at any given moment during our stay! Other areas included scientific data, analysis and support to Bonaires environmental, educational and governmental entities.

CIEE’s website was officially acquired by Aquarium Store Depot in December of 2021. Below is a video of one of the student visitors in the summer of 2017.

CIEE Research Station Bonaire’s faculty and students gathered data. They worked closely with the National Park Service as well as STINAPA on our research efforts to disseminate this information within management, industry professionals or even in public settings like school programs for kids!The facility has been host to a diverse group of scientists who use our labs for research in various fields, including geology and carbonate chemistry.

The CIEE Research Station Bonaire is located on Kaya Gobernador Debrot, about two minutes from the sea. They were three-quarters of a mile away from central Kralendijk – an oceanside promenade leads down to town and provides gorgeous views as well as pier with access for boats moored off shore that line up like soldiers waiting in formation right before your eyes.

Our facilities include a large residential building with several outbuildings for our students and a main lab building with offices, classrooms, a laboratory, and a dive locker. CIEE Research Station Bonaire is also available to visiting scientists and faculty-led groups.


The residence hall is a campus style building, with seven bedrooms that sleep between two and six people. Every bedroom has it’s own private bathroom. Kitchen, lounge area, front and back porch, dive locker, laundry and a large rinsing and drying area are shared with other guests.


The laboratory had sixteen workstations, and is equipped with compound and dissecting microscopes.


With its spacious classrooms, the school can seat up to sixty people but also divides into two smaller rooms with whiteboards and projector.

CIEE Research Station Bonaire provides a world-class learning experience in marine ecology and conservation. The program is designed for students with a biology-related major who have completed one year of environmental science. Students are then able to explore the exotic ecosystems in southern Caribbean and focus on marine life forms, such as plants or animals that live near water sources like riversides and lagoons

Through our academic program, students get to study and dive with local experts in small group settings while also participating in excursions like kayaking or caving. They offer semester-long programs throughout the year as well an intensive January and Summer terms


Along with teaching and research, CIEE Bonaire is dedicated to various outreach programs that enrich the local community.

The organization has been a great host to local groups, including Jong Bonaire and the Junior Rangers. They educate through informative sessions for high school/elementary students about marine topics as well human impacts on island environments .

The CIEE youth outreach program is an engaging adventure for students that combine hands-on inquiry activities with field trips and interactive classes in order to make the topic more interesting. This way they will better understand environmental dynamics, know what they can do protect oceans/Bonaire wildlife from degradation or extinction as well as how humans are affecting these issues around world today!

CIEE Bonaire is dedicated to ensuring that students are aware of their environmental surroundings. They do this by teaching them about the importance and impact they have on our planet, while inspiring kids not just as future protectors but also consumers who can make simple green choices in everyday life!

In addition to their youth enrichment programs, they host a lecture series, with talks given by visiting researchers to the general public. As of the beginning of 2015, they had hosted over 130 public lectures. 

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