KoiClubSandiego.org Acquired

Aquarium Store Depot acquires KoiClubSandiego.org.

Announcement from Aquarium Store Depot

KoiClubSandiego.org was officially acquired by Aquarium Store Depot in August of 2021.

Founded in 1984, The Koi Club of San Diego was founded with the following mission statement:

  • To promote the enjoyment and better understanding of Koi and the hobby;
  • To foster and promote a spirit of friendship and camaraderie among The Club
  • Members, other Koi clubs, and the public through the exchange of information and support
  • To educate its Members, and the public, as to the benefits of keeping Koi; and
  • To promote, through research and education, constantly

The Koi Club was interviewed at the 2020 March Koi Show. You can see the interview below:

The club offers a variety of resources to the community and events, including Koi Club of San Diego Koi Show (KCSD Koi Show) that ran for 33 years.

The last show was held in conjunction with both the Spring San Diego Home and Garden Show, one of the largest home shows in the U. S. A. and the Gem Faire. The show venue was held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center, an indoor facility with excellent lighting, temperature control, insulation, great acoustics, and WiFi availability.  The shows had been consistently selling out for the past few years.

Koi Show Standards

The Koi show would have classes and sizes. The follow are the categories:

  • Sizes – 9 size classes starting with 6″. The size categories increase in 3″ increments with the largest size being 30″ and over
  • Kikokuryu and Beni Kikokuryu
  • Ochiba Shigure
  • Gin Rin
  • Doitsu
  • Long Fin
  • Novice
  • Champion Awards
  • Grand Champion Awards

KCSD Monthly Newsletters

The Koi Club would issue monthly newsletters to its members that would provide a calendar events. The calendar would provide information on committee meetings, general meetings, and upcoming events, and new member welcomes. There was a president’s corner that included a stated on what was going on with the hobby and what the club is doing as a whole.

There was also a section in the newsletter for sponsors like Hikari, Wave Point Technologies, San Diego Pond & Garden, and Aquatic Warehouse

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