Salt water Fish Compatibility (A Full Guide)

Saltwater Aquarium Fish

When it comes to saltwater aquarium fish, there is a vast selection of species you can select from.  It is very tempting when you visit an aquarium store to impulse buy the newest arrivals.  However, the key to success when it comes to saltwater aquariums is planning and patience.  When planning your tank inhabitants the rule of thumb is to add your smaller passive species first and the larger more aggressive ones last.  

Compatibility among the saltwater aquarium fish you select is crucial to a successful and healthy marine aquarium. Species that are not compatible with each other will increase stress and may result in disease or worse losses in the tank.  For this reason we created a chart shown below that you can use as a guideline when planning your fish.  It is important to keep in mind that this chart is meant to be a general guideline.    Not only is every aquarium different, but every fish does have a unique personality and may not correspond with the chart below.