Bubble Magus Auto Kalk Stirrer

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This Bubble Magus model is a Automatic Kalwasser Stirrer and Reactor. It has a durable and reliable motor head on top attached to an acrylic rod with paddles at the bottom for gentle turning and mixing.

A timer is used to activate the stirrer for a few minutes 3-4 times daily. This allows the kalkwasser solution to stay saturated inside the reactor. The feed pump, typically your auto top-off pump, pumps water into the reactor. The saturated kalkwasser solution is then pushed from the reactor in to your aquarium or sump.

Requires control timer and feed pump

Product Manual

Specifications KA100

  • Tank Rating: up to 150 Gallons
  • Footprint: 6″ x 6″
  • Body Diameter: 4″
  • Height: 19″

Specifications KA 150

  • Tank Rating: up to 300 Gallons
  • Footprint: 8″ x 8″
  • Body Diameter: 6″
  • Height: 23″


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