Caribsea Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand – 40 lbs

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This substrate is different than all other live sand products on the market. Ocean Direct™ utilizes “Sea Breathe” technology, which preserves real live sand with its own original bacteria. Every breathable bag of Ocean Direct™ is alive with up to 1000 times more beneficial bacteria than other preservation methods. Every grain of Ocean Direct™ is coated with bacteria and encapsulated by capillary action in a thin film of real ocean water. The thin film is open to the atmosphere for unparalleled gas exchange. This results in high counts of natural and beneficial bacteria with no noxious buildup of metabolic by‑products. Ocean Direct™ provides you with a thriving, natural aquarium in minutes!

Caribsea aragonite is used by the foremost public aquariums, research and government institutions worldwide.  It is our preferred brand of substrates when setting up a tank.


  • 100 % natural live aragonite sand in breathable packaging
  • Sea Breathe Technology preserves up to 1000 times more natural living bacteria than other methods
  • Millions of water-purifying bacteria – starts to cycle a new aquarium instantly
  • Aragonite – helps maintain proper pH, helps maintain calcium and alkalinity, remains chemically active for the life of the aquarium
  • Ocean Direct retains the natural grain size distribution for a more authentic captive environment , no alteration or added chemicals

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