JBJ RL-20L Frag Tank

$ 349.99


The new JBJ RL-20 Frag Tank offers the perfect dimensions for a frag tank or a shallow reef aquarium. This luxurious frag tank features crystal clear water filtration and powerful water flow. A frag rack, consisting of black egg crate and stand-offs, is also included to professionally display your frags. Lean back, relax and enjoy the new classy addition.


Aquarium Specs:

**LED lighting not included**
• 20 Gallon Capacity
• 6mm Bent Glass
• Dimensions: 24″x20″x9″


• Acrylic Fliter Wall with Water Pressure Release Hole
• Large Media Sponge
• Activated Carbon Sponge
• Biological Ceramic Rings
• Spray bar return Nozzle
• Designated Heater Column (heater not included)
• Strong water return pump (266GPH) for water circulation
• Frag Rack Black Egg Crate and Stand-Offs
• Pre cut black acrylic cover lid to fit and clamp JBJ Pacifica LED light
• Center Filtration/Media/Heater Chamber 13.5”x 5”x 9”
• Overflow dimensions are 5”x 5”x 9”

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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