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Aquarium Store Depot acquires the San Francisco Aquarium Society domain.

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Founded in 1923, the San Francisco Aquarium Society is one of America’s esteemed aquarium hobbyist organizations. Incorporated as a non-profit by California state legislature with altruistic intentions to promote this fun pastime while spilling little water possible; they operate today just like when it first opened its doors more than seven decades ago – still striving for excellence within their field and spreading knowledge around them everywhere! It is the oldest running aquarium society in the United States.

The society meet the first Friday of each month. A group of like-minded individuals come together to share their hobby with other passionate aquarists. Guests have ranged from plant enthusiasts, discus keepers and reefmasters to those interested in cichlids or aquarium plants – we’re a very diverse bunch! Most people who attend these monthly meetings also contributed articles for various magazines about different aspects related to fish keeping and others speak at other aquarium societies across the nation!

Meetings are free and open to everyone. Annual membership was only $15 a year and included a benefit for discounts at various local fish stores in the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Aquarium Society website was officially acquired by Aquarium Store Depot in November of 2021. Below is a video of one of the the guest panel speakers, Birger Kamprah discussing African Catfish.

Past speakers included:

  • Rich Little – Who discussed Basic Planning and Maintenance of Koi Ponds
  • Steven and George Lo – On Aquascaping with aquatic plants
  • Dick Au – Who discussed breeding your favorite cichlids
  • Edward Ramirez, Clownfish Breeding
  • Tom Barr, World renowned planted tank expert

The society also held shows with the Spring San Diego Home and Garden Show. When they run, it successfully sold out several years in a row. San Francisco Aquarium Society halted in person meetings during the COVID pandemic, but started them back up in October 2021. They now meet in the Mission Blue Center in Brisbane, California

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In the summer of 2022, the Aquarium Society website was relaunched under a new domain name. They can be found here.