Aqua Medic Reefdoser Evo 4 Dosing Pump

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The Aqua Medic reefdoser EVO 4 can independently control the four dosing pumps included in the package. The dispensing of the food or additive can be achieved either manually or automatically; all pumps can be calibrated individually. The interval control allows for adjustment of the duration of the on/off cycle for each pump over a broad time span – from seconds to days.

Reefdoser EVO 4 can automate many tasks in an aquarium:

  • regular dispensing of trace elements and fertilizers in salt- and fresh water aquarium
  • controlled addition of calcium and bicarbonate into coral reef aquaria
  • accurate dosing of Kalkwasser
  • automatic feeding with live zoo plankton

The external controller connects to the side of the dosing pump and can be placed in a position away from the pumps to make it easy to use and allow for very simple programming.
[/tab content][tab content 2]Specifications:

  • Dimensions reefdoser EVO 4: approx. 9.84 x 5.12 x 2.52 inches (l x w x h)
  • Dimensions Controller: approx. 2.17 x 1.01 x 0.56 inches (l x w x h)
  • Incl. 4 m inlet hose (can be adjusted individually) to connect the dosing pumps to the containers with the dosing liquids.

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