IceCap Dosing Pump

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The IceCap Dosing Pump is an energy efficient precision output peristaltic pumps can be used for topping off water lost due to evaporation, dosing trace elements, adding two-part supplements, balling method, kalkwasser and/or any other liquid aquarium supplement or food.

Delayed Mode Operation

The Delay Modes function is to prevent the dispersement of liquid at the same time after disruption of power to the unit (5~55min) when 2~4 dosers are linked together.


An important feature of the IC-LQD-DSR is the capability to calibrate the pump to maintain next to perfect accuracy on any installation and even over time.

Simple to Operate

The bright led screen makes it easy to read and set up the pump for operation.


Service Door Latch The dependable, low wattage and quiet peristaltic pump and drive shaft rotors are easily serviced though a large latch at the bottom of the unit.

Product Manual


Low wattage consumption when running – 2.2Watts per doser.
Dosage: 1-99ml per cycle
Dosage time: 24 times/1day~1time/9days
Dosage accuracy: <+/-3%

Max cycle: 1 cycle per hour
Min cycle: 1 cycle for 9 days


(WxHxD): 2.7×3.8×3.5in

1 Year warranty

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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