AquaMaxx NemoLight Aquamarine LED Fixture

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A sleek powerful light that is great for saltwater fish or mixed reef aquariums!

AquaMaxx NemoLight LED Fixture offers the perfect balance of beauty and power. Its sleek aluminum unibody construction helps to efficiently dissipate heat generated by the powerful LED lights without the need of a noisy fan. Measuring in at just 1/2″ thick.

While we all want lighting fixtures that look great! Our corals, anemones and invertebrates need lightings that are powerful and can provide sufficient intensity & proper spectrum. With 4 different colors of LED`s diodes, the NemoLight puts out the proper spectrum of lighting for photosynthesis.The AquaMaxx NemoLight also offers up to 50% more light than its competition to ensure proper health and growth of the corals and invertebrates in your saltwater reef tank.

A simple and convenient controller is built-in to allow you to customize the lighting schedule and intensity to your exacting needs. An adjustable clamp-on bracket is also include for installation.


  • More Power!
  • Aluminum Unibody Design
  • Ultra Slim 1/2″ Body Thickness
  • High-Quality Multi-Spectrum LED Diodes: Including White, Blue, Red and Green.
  • Built-In Controller With Timer & Dimmers to Simulate Sunrise & Sunset
  • Quiet, Fanless, Design
  • Theatrical Thunderstorm Feature
  • Safe 24V Low Wattage UL-Approved Power Supply
  • Adjustable Bracket for Easy Installation
  • One-Year Manufacturer`s Warranty

LED Diodes:

LED Diodes: 8000K White, 460nm Blue, 630nm Red, 520nm Green


Spec 24 – 36″ 36 – 48″ 48 – 56″
Length 19.7″ 31.5″ 39.5″
Width 6.3″ 6.3″ 6.3″
Height 0.5″ 0.5″ 0.5″
Power 36W 54W 72W
Bracket Adjustments 22 – 36″ 36 – 48″ 42.5″ – 56″

Nemolight Manual

1 review for AquaMaxx NemoLight Aquamarine LED Fixture

  1. 5 out of 5

    Michelle from Menlo Park, CA

    Great results and good price

    I have this light running on 40 gallon breeder mixed reef tank with zoa’s, a frogspawn, monti, finger leathers, and palys. The setup is very easy and dummy proof, which is great for a non-techie like me :). My growth has been great with this light. I would not hesitate to recommend this light to others. It is stylish, easy to program and the price wasn’t bad either. I could not be happier!

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