Caribsea Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand – 20 lbs

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You can now bring the world’s most exotic reefs into your home with CaribSea’s Arag-Alive!™ substrates. Arag-Alive!™ makes it easy to set up an aquarium. It’s ready to work, clears quickly, and contains millions of live bacteria to cycle super fast and create a natural biological balance.  Independent labs prove Arag-Alive!™ cycles days faster than other brands of live sand. That’s what makes Arag-Alive!™ the choice of new aquarists and maintenance companies where speed of set up, beauty, and reliability are demanded.

Caribsea aragonite is used by the foremost public aquariums, research and government institutions worldwide.  It is our preferred brand of substrates when setting up a tank.


  • Millions of water-purifying bacteria – starts to cycle a new aquarium instantly, suppresses “new tank syndrome”, helps control ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates
  • Aragonite – helps maintain proper pH, helps maintain calcium and alkalinity, remains chemically active for the life of the aquarium
  • Never needs replacement, natural source of calcium, strontium, and essential trace elements
  • Clean – No rinsing required – allows for fast and easy start-up
  • Reef Safe – preserved by process, not chemicals; no added metals or nutrients, no silica, packed in real seawater

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