CoralVue AcquaSole Aquariums


CoralVue AcquaSole Acquariums are Italian made aquariums that have been carefully studied and constructed to perfection. The incredibly small corner overflow provides all the necessary plumbing to quietly take and return water to the aquarium without taking away from the tank.  All AcquaSole aquariums are made using hand selected extra clear glass with precision polished edges and a built in corner overflow.

The AcquaSole aquariums can also be purchased with a matching cabinet.  These cabinets are constructed with a highly water resistant core and a outer laminate in gloss white for added water protection.  These aquariums are the ultimate in high quality manufacturing.  Top notch Italian craftsmanship. The ultimate showpiece for your home or office!

AcquaSole aquariums come in the following sizes below:

 Aquarium Gallons Dimensions
Tank 60 36G 22.44 x 19.7 x 19.1in (LxDxH)
Tank 70 55G 29.52 x 22.44 x 19.7in (LxDxH)
Tank 100 75G 39.4 x 22.44 x 19.7in (LxDxH)
Tank 120L 126G 47.24 x 31.5 x 19.7in (LxDxH)
Tank 160L 200G 63 x 31.5 x 23.6in (LxDxH)

Systems Units are also available, which come with Tank, Cabinet, Skimmer, ATO System, and Return Pump. Bundle and Save!


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