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Custom Acrylic Sumps - Built Your Way & Tailored For You!

Our custom sumps are built from acrylic and manufactured in the USA. We build to ANY size, ANY dimension, and ANY color.

Want a color scheme from your favorite college team? We can do that. Want a cool logo on your sump? Yup, ez pz. You want an auto top of container built into your sump? Easily done. Want a frag grow out section? Yup, we do that too!  

Our Custom Sump Design Process

When you order from us, you will be put in our design queue where we mock up the sump design based on your desires and dimensions of your equipment. What you end up getting is a uniquely designed custom sump made just for you and specifically built for the needs of your system, with the colors you want. No need to shop around for stock sizes that may not utilize all the available space of your cabinet or fish room! An example of a design mock up is below:

Custom Sump Design

Custom Sump Features

  • Built to any size and dimension!
  • 3/8"  or 1/4" Acrylic design 
  • Quiet feature sock/media chambers for the most silent sump you have ever run!
  • Probe holders and dosing holders included
  • Can be integrated with Algae Scrubbers, ATO reservoirs, Frag grow out systems, dosing containers, and more!

Note * - As Custom Sumps are customized products, you can only order them by contacting us. We can work with you on all your equipment needs with special pricing via a customized bundle as well.


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