TMC Vecton UV Sterilizer (25 Watt)

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The Best UV Sterilizer Available For Aquariums and Ponds!

The Vecton UV sterilizer by Tropical Marine Centre offers the highest quality UV sterilization that you can purchase in the hobby today. This design comes in a docking bay that makes mounting and maintenance much easier to maintenance and house than other sterilizers on the market.

Equipped with a thicker T8 UV bulb versus your standard T5. This sterilizer offers the highest UV dwell time of any aquarium sterilizer on the market! The dwell time of the Vecton allows for the highest sterilization that can work to fight parasites and disease in your aquarium for better fish immunity.

The new Vecton units by TMC offer a new easy and convenient way to utilize the benefits of Ultraviolet Sterilization on smaller systems. The new design is lightweight and easily attaches to a wall or cabinetry. New LITE-SET lamp life timer allows user to track the life span of the bulb and be notified when the bulb needs replacing.

TMC Vecton Recommended Flow Rates

Depending on your aquarium needs, you can dial in the flow of the Vecton to suit whatever nuisance or pathogen you want to target. That is the great advantage of having a unit as powerful and with the dwell time that the Vecton has:

Target  Flow Rate
Green Water 50-60 GPH per watt
Dinoflagellates, Bacteria, Algae 30-35 GPH per watt
Parasites (Ich) 10-12 GPH per watt


TMC Vecton Features

  • New design, manufactured from impact resistant, translucent polycarbonate
  • Incorporates unique LITE-SET lamp life timer technology – a tricolor neon lamp life indicator which alerts you to when the UV lamp needs to be changed
  • Supplied complete with a LITE-SET mini flash light to reset the lamp life indicator after changing the UV lamp
  • Opposing inlet and outlet for easy installation and connection to the water supply
  • Four stage hosetails for flexible hose from 1/2″ to 1 1/4″, held in place with screw on collars for easy removal when servicing and maintaining unit
  • Compact, rigid pipe adaptors, for connection to 32mm, 40mm or 1″ rigid pipe, are available
  • UV shield to prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp
  • 36 month guarantee

TMC Vecton Specs (25W Model)

Length – Vecton 600
 – 21″
Height – 12 1/4″
Width – 3″
Watts – 25
Max GPH – 750 GPH
Host Fittings – 1/2″ to  1 1/4″
Tank Recommendations – 180 – 500 gallons Freshwater/Pond ; 65-125 gallons for marine aquariums


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