Ocean Revive T247-B Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Reef Light

Ocean Revive T247-B - Quality Reef Worthy Lights That Won't Break the Bank!!!

Quality name brand reef quality lights like Kessils, AI, and EcoTech lights cost an arm and leg and not for everyone's budget. These LED reef tank lights by Ocean Revive provide a highly quality light that will work for mixed reef and sps tank setups.

Ocean Revive T247-B Features

The Ocean Revive T247-B offers a full spectrum reef led light with a remote controller and battery. It comes equipped with adjustable brackets so you can fit it to various tank setups or you can opt for the hanging kit comes included.

The light comes equipped with a timer feature and a slick, more modern design that you don't see with budget friendly lights. The fans are located at the top of the of the unit. The fans run quietly and will blend in with other equipment running in the tank. The light is only about 5 lbs, making it easier to mount to ceilings or canopies.

Ocean Revive T247-B Technical Specifications

  • Power Consumption: 120W Max
  • LED Type: 48pcs 3W High Power LEDs
  • Core Coverage - For any high lighting required SPS tank 26"x18"
  • Regular Coverage - 32"x24" for mixed reef tank @ 12" above water
  • Channel One: 8x 470nm, 16x 450nm
  • Channel Tow: 6x 420nm, 2x 520nm, 2x 660nm, 6x 10000K, 8x12000K
  • Input Current: AC85-264V
  • Operating Temperature: 90℉-110℉ , 32.2℃-43.3℃
  • Thermal Management: 2x 80mm dual bearing cooling fans
  • Product Dimensions: 16" x 10.4" x 1.6" , 40cm x 26cm x 4cm
  • Product Weight: 5Lbs , 2.27Kg
  • Controlled by: Built-in-Digital Time
  • Mount: Horizontal-Retractable Brackets & Hanging Kits

Purchase More Than 1 Ocean Revive 247-B and Save!

We offer bulk discounts if you need to order more than one unit. This makes the Ocean Revive 247-B and unbeatable deal for larger tanks. Need two for a four foot tank or three for a six foot long tank? Select in the options and save! You can even purchase with a fellow reefing buddy and enjoy the discount!





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