API General Cure – 850 G Jar

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Combine API General Cure With Copper or Chloroquine Phosphate for the Ultimate is Fish Disease Treatment

API General cure is an amazing mix of Metro and Praziquantel that is use to treat internal parasites such as flukes and worms and to treat internal bacterial infections.

Because API General Cure uses Metro + Praziquantel – it is superior to both Seachem Metro and Prazipro as it combines the strengths of both medications. It also mixes Praziquantel at a lower concentration making it safer for medication sensitive fish like Wrasses. 

In addition, API General Cure is in a powder form which means it can be mixed with food to get the medication directly into the fish’s gut. Not only is this a more effective way of treating the fish vs. dosing an entire like like Prazipro, but it can be made into a reef safe mix.

API General Cure is the medication of choice to be used with Choloroquine Phoshate. Prazipro with its higher dosage can result in bacteria blooms. General Cure has a lower dosage and can be mixed with fish food eliminating the risk of a bacteria bloom. You can also reduce overall quarantine time by using General Cure soaked fish food with Choloquine Phosphate or Copper at the same time.

How To make API General Cure a Reef Safe medication:

  1. Use carbon in your tank to remove any possible medication leakage out of your system during treatment.
  2. Combine equal parts General Cure with Sea Chem Focus
  3. Mix together with either pellets or frozen food and mix with RODI water (5-10 MLs will do).
  4. Let the food soak for at least 30 minutes and feed to your fish


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