Chloroquine Phosphate – 10 Grams (Treats 250 Gallons)

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Chloroquine Phosphate – The Saltwater Aquarium Wonder Drug now readily available. Kick Marine Ich, Velvet, Brooke, Uroema to the curb!

Chloroquine phosphate is considered a “wonder drug” in the Saltwater Marine aquarium hobby. The drug of choice for many public aquariums including the Georgia Aquarium. It has been widely used by hobbyists in the early days of the marine aquarium hobby and used in the aquaculture industry since the 70s and 80s. It is typically unavailable to the majority of the reefing community due to it normally being available only through a Veterinarian via a prescription. I feel your pain if you are like me and tried to get Chloroquine phosphate from a veterinarian. It is difficult to obtain, so I have worked with a national laboratory to obtain a 99% pure Cholorquine Phosphate solution that is suitable for disease treatment. We obtain Cholorquine in bulk and split into 10 gram units so it is affordable and available to reef aquarists. Don’t take just my word about how great this fish medication is, hear about from a vet below:

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Chloroquine Phosphate Product Features:

  • Superior to and more gentle on fish than copper
  • 99% pure medication
  • 10 Gram bottle treats 250 gallons at a 40mg/gallon dosage
  • Chloroquine Phophate (CP) is the drug of choice for diseases like Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans), Marine Velvet Disease (Amyloodinium), Brooklynella hostilis, & Uronema marinum
  • One time medication – only replace medication in the event of a water change
  • Chloroquine Phosphate acts as an algaecide eliminating algae in the quarantine tank.

Our Chloroquine Phosphate is used for freshwater and saltwater fish:

Chloroquine Phosphate Instructions:

  • For Quarantine (Prophylactic) Treatment – Typical dosage for quarantine is 40mg/Gallon
  • When dosing Chloroquine, treat water with a pre-dissolved solution using a cup of tank water
  • For Ich – 30 day active treatment
  • For Velvet – 14 day active treatment
  • For active infection – up to 60mg/gallon
  • For Uroema – up to 80mg/gallon
  • Highly recommended that you use a digital scale to measure your dosage to ensure accuracy
  • Keep medication in a cool, dark, and dry pace. Chloroquine Phosphate is heat and light sensitive
  • If water change is performed, Chloroquine Phosphate will need to be re-dosed for the amount of water changed. You do not need to dose Chloroquine for top off water.
  • Conduct a 25% water change and remove medication with activated carbon once treatment is completed

Additional Notes

  • Not reef safe – Chloroquine Phosphate is meant to be used in a quarantine for prophylactic treatment or in a hospital tank for active infection treatment.
  • We do not ship Chloroquine Phosphate next day – it was never our intention to sell this to be an emergency source. We want you to have a medication supply ready and pre-treat your fish to prevent outbreaks. If you have an infected fish and you need treatment now we highly recommended going to your LFS and obtaining Copper. Most of the diseases Chloroquine phosphate treats are extremely deadly and can kill a fish overnight

In Depth Videos On How To Setup a Quarantine Tank and How to Use Chloroquine Phosphate

For more detailed information see our How To Quarantine Fish blog article about the various method of QT for saltwater fish.

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Terms of Use

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these terms. This is to certify that the medications purchased by myself or any Company employees will be used ONLY in the treatment and maintenance of ornamental fish. This medication is NOT Intended For Human Consumption! I am aware of the restrictions placed on the sale of this medication and agree the personnel responsible for the treatment of our ornamental fish will be instructed in their proper usage.We agree not to intentionally divert these chemicals for any other use and have been instructed to establish and maintain records of the purchase and use of these items.

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