CO2Art Pro-Elite Regulator review – AN IN-DEPTH LOOK

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Looking for the very best CO2 regulator available for planted tanks today? Well you are in a treat today as I review the CO2 Art Pro-Elite Series CO2 Regulator. I had the pleasure of taking to the CO2Art people about their product and got the full scope on their latest CO2 regulator. If you are a serious aquascaper, or looking to be one, this is the product review for you!

As a reminder for my viewers, this post will contain affiliate links. An affiliate link means I may earn advertising or referral fees if you make a purchase through my link. With that disclose away let’s get started! Let’s find out what makes CO2Art’s regulator stand out from the crowd!

My reviews are fairly structured. I’m going to be reviewing the following for this product:

  • Features
  • Craftsmanship
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money
  • Product Support
  • Price

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CO2Art Pro-Elite Series Regulator Features

CO2 Art Pro-Series Regulator Series Features

This is a world class CO2 regulator. It is designed for aquarium safety and precision. The unit can handle systems from nano systems all the way up to 1000 gallons. It is a dual stage regulator. This next gen model now comes with a fully customized solenoid block with a high precision needle value and bubble counter. The System is powered via DC with a power adapter that accepts universal voltage from 100V – 240V. It’s a nice plus from CO2 that they will offer you the plugs for your country and it is a product that is available in both the UK and US.

Having a dual stage regulator is a great idea for planted tanks because it allows you to directly control the consistently of the pressure of the CO2 system. This is a huge advantage compared to single gauge systems that will run into issues with pressure consistency as the CO2 tank empties. The gauges are very easy to read and the brand dial are nice features they have added to this new generation model. The prior generator had plainer looking gauges and the dial looked more standard like what you would see on a CO2 regulator at a bar.

The bubble counter and the needle valve on this regulator are top notch. The needle valve is extremely precise. It doesn’t take a ton of them to bed down. It is fast and accurate from the start!

CO2Art Craftsmenship

Let’s talk about the craftsmenship of CO2 products and why they are amazing buys. They are top German quality, reliability built regulators. These are not your budget build short-term warranty regulators that you will find on Amazon. CO2Art backs up this top of the line model with a 10 year warranty. The stainless steel finish is great and the power adapter does a good job of getting too hot in your aquarium cabinet. Nothing in this regulator package looks cheap. No corners were cut with this regulator. Amazing work by the CO2Art team.

CO2Art Ease Of Use (Installation)

CO2 Art Pro Series Ease Of Install

Installing the CO2Art Pro Series is fairly simple with the YouTube videos that CO2 Art suppliers on their YouTube channel and with their offer of tech support to their customers. They have no problems getting on on customer support ticket to walk you through the process.

If you are lost on the install – CO2Art offers their instruction manual online here.

CO2Art Regulator Value For the Money

The price for these units are not cheap. This top of the line model is up there with similar top end models. What makes their value stand out though is the warranty and customer support behind the product. There is also a wonderful combo package that CO2Art offers that gets you everything you need. This to me makes this Regulator the best value on the market.

CO2 Art Pro Series Regulator Combo

This package comes with the following:

  • Pro Series CO2Art Regulator
  • Aluminum Aquarium CO2 bubble Counter
  • CO2 Art Inline Diffusor
  • Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker
  • CO2 Resistant Tubing

All of these comes together at an excellent price price and backed by a 10 year warranty. Want a better discount? Try my discount code ASD10%Off at checkout.

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CO2Art’s Legendary Customer Support

The biggest differentiating standpoint from CO2Art and every other CO2 regulator seller is their customer support. The customer support is top notch and CO2 offers lifetime technical support for all their customers. The CO2Art team patiently answers all your questions and concerns about install and setup. They will also happily ship this product to multiple countries – US, Canada, UK, Signapore, etc the CO2 will ship internationally. The support team offers you a support portal with online instructions, articles and FAQS. I love their support and they have always been there for me to answer any questions I had.


This is the biggest knock on the Pro-Elite Series CO2 Regulator. It is premium priced and may be too expensive for some. CO2Art does offer a more budget friendly version in the Pro-Series Model. You can also purchase the product off Klarna’s pay later program, which will break up the purchase in 4 installments.

Closing Thoughts

This is the best CO2 Regulator you can buy today. It has it all. The features, the quality, the customer service, and warranty. You can see the ratings below from me. The product gets my editor’s choice rating. Since I’m open to all reviews, you can leave your own reviews below. This provides the community with an unfiltered source of reviews. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

by Mark

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  1. They dealt with all my questions and shipped it quick. It’s the best CO2 regulator I’ve owned in 15+ years in this hobby.


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