The 10 Most Expensive Goldfish In The World

Do you dare to imagine owning an exquisite, rare, and expensive goldfish, a living work of art swimming gracefully in your very own fish tank? But before we take out our wallets, let us dispel some outrageous myths about the most expensive goldfish in the world and then embark on a thrilling journey to discover the true top 10 most expensive goldfish varieties. Prepare to be amazed and learn how to care for these precious aquatic gems.

Key Takeaways

  • Fancy goldfish are generally more expensive than slim-bodied types
  • Imported fancy goldfish will sell for the highest amounts with the most prestigious breeders located in China, Japan, and Thailand
  • Extreme care and quarantining should be done whenever handling very expensive fish

Fake News Alert – False Claims

Before we explore the gorgeous realm of these exotic goldfish, it is necessary to debunk some myths about Goldie and Meteor being labeled as the priciest in existence. These statements are not backed up. In fact, there is some serious doubt one of them even ever existed.

Goldie – Reportedly Sold For $1.8 Million

The story of Goldie, a goldfish that was rumored to have gone for the outrageous sum of $1.8 million1, continues to captivate many people. I’ve seen this fish mentioned on several blogs, and honestly I have no idea where they got this from. There is no news story backing up the claim or documented sale. In fact, the sale that connects most to Goldie was in the same year in 2018. This was related to S Legend – an expensive Kohaku koi fish which sold at auction in October 2018 following intense bidding competition between interested buyers.

There is another article about a goldfish pool painting that was doe by Winston Churchill that sold for $1.8 million. Nothing about Goldie, though. Therefore, this is fake news!

The Meteor Goldfish

Meteor Goldfish
Image Credit – Wikipedia Commons

Rumors of an expensive goldfish breed called the Meteor Goldfish have circulated. It was once consided the rarest breed of goldfish. It lacked a tail fin, but made up for it with an overdeveloped anal fin that gave the fish the look of a falling meteor. However, no photographs or documented sales of this fish exist. The fish was available during the late 19th and 20th century. Because of the lack of proof, the Bristol Aquarist Society (BAS) concluded that this fish is just a rumor.

Since we have no documented sales or photos, this is another fake news story!

Top 10 Most Expensive Goldfish Varieties

Now that we have debunked the pretenders let us now embark on a remarkable journey to explore the 10 most expensive goldfish varieties in the world. These beautiful aquatic creatures are highly sought-after for their unique features, vivid colors and rarity. From Red Oranda with its captivating look to Tosakin’s mesmerizing charm. Each of these fish is nothing short of an elegant living gemstone. Not only do they have a majestic appearance, but also come at hefty prices! Thus, making them quite valuable among collectors all over the globe. Our video from our YouTube Channel goes over them all, and we go into more detail in our blog. For each fish on the list we will include the following:

  • Adult Size
  • Color Pattern
  • Unique Traits
  • Approximate Price

Note for prices I will be listing the show level or adult sized prices. It is possible to get these fish at lower prices as juveniles or in their more common variants. Let’s get started with our list!

1. Rocky The Red Oranda

  • Adult Size – 12 inches and 2 and a half pounds!
  • Color Pattern: Orange with black marketings
  • Unique Traits: Jumbo size
  • Approximate Price: 4,500+ Pounds (approx $6,000)

Marvel at Rocky (video from World News&EveryThing AbouT Life), the majestic Giant Oranda goldfish. With its dazzling multicolored hues and weight of more than two pounds, it surely deserves to be named Britain’s fattest goldfish – a title which is accompanied by an equally impressive value estimated at around $6,000.

This lovely Red Oranda goldfish was sold by Star Fisheries in Sutton, London, one of the premier goldfish retails in the world. Rocky was considered the largest Oranda to ever be imported into the UK at the time. Story has it that Star Fisheries spent 6 months convincing the breeder to sell Rocky to them.

While this goldfish is certainly one of the largest fancies on record, our next fish has the current crown of the most expensive goldfish ever sold

2. Panda Oranda

  • Adult Size – 8 inches
  • Color Pattern: White body with black fins and patches
  • Unique Traits: Panda like appearance
  • Approximate Price: 6,500+ Pounds (approx $8,200)

The Panda Oranda goldfish is an exquisite choice for aquarists due to its striking black and white markings, graceful slender body shape, and remarkable jelly-like head adorned with the same. The rarity of this variation of the oranda goldfish makes them very precious – generally selling for $50-$180! However, the most expensive one ever sold was sold by Star Fisheries for 6,500 pounds! Showcase and jumbo sized Pandas can definitely sell for thousands of dollars!

Not only are they beautiful creatures, but retain the hardier nature of orandas. To top it off, these delightful panda variations can also have the Moor characteristics too (with these fish being called Panda Moor Goldfish). There is also a panda ranchu variety, but the Orandas are more popular. This makes them all together unique specimens worthy of any aquarium owner’s attention!

3. Ryukin

Ryukin Goldfish
  • Adult Size – 8 inches
  • Color Pattern: Various
  • Unique Traits: Stately appearance
  • Approximate Price: $50 – $300+

The Ryukin Goldfish, which is a type of fancy goldfish possessing a somewhat compact frame and tall back, has proven to be an incredibly mesmerizing sight. Especially popular among them is the Red & White Short-Tail variety as they boast splendid white scales with vivid orange or red streaks displayed across their fins, bellies and faces.

These resilient fancy goldfish make for a majestic spectacle when swimming around, thanks in part to their graceful long flowing fins that add additional beauty beyond its hues. With imported Ryukins commanding the highest prices, you can expect to pay $50 for a domestic specimen to over $300 for show grade imported Ryukins

4. Butter Kirkin

  • Adult Size – 7 inches
  • Color Pattern: Various
  • Unique Traits: Butterfly like double tail, moor like eyes
  • Approximate Price: $200 – $400+

Sometimes known as the butterfly tail goldfish, the Butter Kirkin (video source) is an exquisite type of fish that comes with unique colors and a graceful appearance. By evoking the beauty of this rare breed, people call it ‘Butter Kirkin’, known for its butterfly like fins as well as its black moor like eyes. This is a rare breed that is not often seen at stores. Your best bet is to find them online where they will be typically sold at adult sizes

These fish command high prices, with showcase style butterfly goldfish selling for over $400!

5. Giant Thai Orandas

  • Adult Size – 8+ inches
  • Color Pattern: Various thought usually bi-color
  • Unique Traits: Jumbo size compared to regular Orandas
  • Approximate Price: $200+

Thai breeders have certainly made a name for themselves over the years. Well known for their stellar Betta breeds, they have really produced some stand out quality goldfish. The Giant Thai Oranda goldfish is such a standout compared to common Orandas like the red cap oranda goldfish. These jumbo Orandas grow over 8 inches in size!

Their rarity makes them highly prized amongst goldfish enthusiasts. It is not unusual for these luxurious creatures of aquatic elegance to be sold at prices ranging anywhere between $200-500 USD, depending on their size.

6. Ranchu Sakura

  • Adult Size – 6+ inches
  • Color Pattern: White body with orange markings
  • Unique Traits: Jumbo size compared to regular Orandas
  • Approximate Price: $200+

Introduced to the aquarium hobby in 1970, the Ranchu Sakura goldfish is a precious fish, known for its bright colors and special body shape. This breed was created by cross breeding the Rachu with the Calico Ranchu. They orginated from Japan, but Thai breeders have developed their own. The Ranchu goldfish has been nickname “king of the goldfish” due to its resemblance with lionhead fish in terms of their round torso and big head.

While there are rare Ranchu goldfish out there, the Sakura is one of the most expensive you will fine. They easily command prices over $200.

7. Thai Oranda Tricolor

  • Adult Size – 6+ inches
  • Color Pattern: Three colors (with darker varieties selling for more)
  • Unique Traits: Tricoloring
  • Approximate Price: $200+

Tricolor Thai Oranda goldfish are distinctively recognized due to their stunning three-color pattern of red, white and black as well as the round shape with a double tail. These luxurious fish constitute one of the several varieties available in the world that makes them alluringly exquisite on account of size, growth potential and uniqueness, which also affects its pricing. Adult sized goldfish of this breed easily sell for over $200!

8. Tosakin

  • Adult Size – Up to 8 inches
  • Color Pattern: Red, black, or red & white
  • Unique Traits: A divided double tail that spreads horizontally
  • Approximate Price: $200+

The Tosakin goldfish (video source) is an extraordinary fish due to its captivating tail shape and price of up to $600 (though many show level fish found online typically sell for over 200 dollars). They have a short, deep body shape with a horizontally spreading tail. They are best viewed from above, where you can appreciate their tails the most.

Because of their unique tails, they aren’t the best swimmers and require tanks with low water flow.

9. Lionchu

Lionhead Goldfish
  • Adult Size – Up to 8 inches
  • Color Pattern: Red, black, or red & white
  • Unique Traits: A divided double tail that spreads horizontally
  • Approximate Price: $150+

For goldfish lovers, Lionchu breeds offer a truly one-of-a-kind option that brings together the best features of both Ranchu and Lionhead varieties. With prices ranging from $100 to $500 per fish, their large heads, which resemble giant bubbles combined with their rounded bodies and curved back create an elegant look.

The Giant Thai Lionchu Goldfish version of these hybrids stands out amongst all other forms due to its size and significant cost – up to 500 dollars – making it highly desirable for many luxury aquarists who appreciate extravagance in fish selection!

10. Jikin

  • Adult Size – 8-10 inches
  • Color Pattern: Usually red & white/ orange & white
  • Unique Traits: X-shaped double tail
  • Approximate Price: $150+

The stunning Jikin goldfish (also known the as peacock tail goldfish) is a real treasure amongst goldfish enthusiasts due to their exclusive look and high cost. Characterized by its white body marked with vibrant red fins, it also boasts of an alluring four-leaf clover shaped tail which sets them apart from the more commonly seen fantail variety.

This rare Japanese species has earned itself quite the name in aquarist circles thanks to these unique features making breeding challenges for owners even harder than usual. Its elegant appearance, coupled with scarcity, renders this special kind of fish one worthy addition to any serious collector’s tank!

Bonus Fish – Chicken Steve

@lukesgoldies Chicken Steve may be the most famous goldfish. Will I sell him? #fish #goldfish #aquarium #chickensteve ♬ Night Trouble – Petit Biscuit

Ah Chicken Steve, you are the Kim Kardashian of all goldfish. You broke the interest on TikTok becoming arguably the most famous goldfish in the world as documented by his owner LukesGoldies. Chicken Steve’s fame got so big he managed to get himself on the New York Times and Paper Magazine.

At one point, Luke actually considered selling his prized famous goldfish and announced it on his social media channel. Many of his fans protested. However, its safe to say given Chicken Steve’s fam that it’s very possible that selling him would have easily netted $1,000. It’s possible that his fame could have gotten him sold above a price to pass up the current record holder.

Only time will tell if Luke really follows through and sells Chicken Steve. If he does, I’m sure to document the sell and see if he manages to become the most expensive goldfish ever sold. I’m sure whoever buys Chicken Stever will no doubt want to put him on social media. Heck, maybe another YouTuber will buy him!

Less Expensive Alternatives

Fantail Goldfish

While these fish features are extremely rare and pricey, you can still own wonderful goldfish that are reasonable in price. Here are other goldfish that have had selective breeding that will not break your bank!

  • Fantail goldfish
  • Pompom goldfish (with chocolate pompom goldfish being the most expensive)
  • Black moor goldfish
  • Pearlscale goldfish

Why Are Fancies More Expensive Than Slim Bodied?

Shubunkin Tank Requirements

The rarity of fancy goldfish varieties like the Giant Thai Lionchu and Ryukin, as well as their challenging breeding process, make them more expensive than slim-bodied species such as common goldfish, feeder fish, or comet goldfish. Their limited numbers drive up demand from collectors who value these unique animals for their captivating looks and high price tags. Goldfish fans everywhere crave to add these luxurious fish to their aquariums despite the cost implications associated with obtaining them. That’s not to say some slim boded goldfish like shubunkin goldfish can fetch for high prices

Factors Influencing Goldfish Prices

The goldfish price is greatly affected by several different elements, including size and growth potential, rarity as well as the fish’s coloring. Typically, bigger golden varieties that have a greater capacity for expansion cost more than small ones. While breeds such as celestial eye goldfish, telescope goldfish or panda moor are extremely sought after due to their scarcity with other species. It is not only unique colors that make them costly, but also how difficult breeding these fish can be – adding yet another factor into why people tend to pay more for certain types of eye-goldfish.

Size And Growth Potential

Goldfish of larger size and with better growing capacity are usually more expensive because their rarity makes them highly sought-after. They require a greater amount of space as well as special care, which adds to the expenses for those who wish to keep one at home.

Rarity And Uniqueness

The Panda Oranda goldfish is a very sought-after type of fish, renowned for its unique black and white coloration. It’s bred in limited quantities, which makes it rather rare compared to other varieties, thus driving up the price due to demand and scarcity. Its distinctive traits combined with rarity make this an exceptional kind of goldfish that many are willing to pay more for. Other kinds of highly coveted rare goldfish also come at elevated prices owing to their uniqueness and low numbers being bred.

Color Patterns

What is a fancy goldfish

Goldfish exhibiting rare and spectacular color patterns such as the Thai Oranda Tricolor and Giant Thai Oranda are in high demand due to their captivating look. Examples of these uncommon scale colors include calico, chocolate, blue, purple or black. Breeding goldfish with this array of unusual hues is a difficult task that can sometimes rely on chance alone. They have become sought after items for which buyers must pay an elevated price tag.

These kinds of fish typically cost more than other varieties because not only are they hard to come by, but there is keen interest from many potential customers hoping to obtain them.

Breeding Challenges

The cost of some goldfish varieties can be high due to the difficulties encountered when trying to breed them. Such types include Jikin and Ranchu Sakura, which are known for their hard-to-cultivate characteristics. Producing these fish requires knowledgeable skills in terms of providing suitable nutrition and environment, as this allows genetic defects and health issues that may arise during breeding processes to be avoided or reduced. As such, only skilled breeders with enough knowledge on each specific type will ensure a successful outcome in getting healthy offspring from various goldfish breeds – thus commanding higher prices accordingly.

Caring For Expensive Goldfish

To ensure the best care for your pricey goldfish, you must consider many aspects, such as tank requirements, nutrition and feeding needs, as well as compatibility with other fish. By offering a fitting habitat plus proper goldfish food portions and taking measures to prevent conflict among its fellow inhabitants of the tank, will increase both their wellbeing and lifespan.

Let’s investigate each point in Detail regarding caring properly for these expensive goldfish.

Tank Requirements

When owning expensive goldfish, it is best to provide a tank of at least 55 gallons in size. This larger environment will give them the adequate space they need and ensure their health. It is not uncommon for these rare goldfish to be placed in either very large tanks or indoor ponds.

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Maintaining cleanliness and proper water conditions on an ongoing basis can help keep your expensive pet healthy too. Frequent cleaning must not be overlooked! Water changes are key with goldfish as they are tough on bioloads.

Feeding And Nutrition

The health and appearance of costly goldfish can be maintained only through providing a balanced diet with high-quality food. Its daily nutrition needs to include no more than 30% protein, 10% fat or less, under 10% carbohydrate along with vitamins A, D, K and folic acid in the total dietary intake. It is recommended to feed them just as much flakes/pellets/gel foods that they are able to consume within two minutes time period. These animals being omnivores should also have vegetables added for variety purpose into their feeding routine. In this way, an ideal meal plan will ensure good general condition of your expensive fish pets!

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Quarantine Considerations

While it is ideal to quarantine any fish to prevent a disease outbreak in your display tank, it is more so important with exotic varieties. The great thing about purchasing very expensive fish though is that sometimes the pet stores you are purchasing them from will quarantining and deworm the fish yourself saving you a lot of hassle!

Compatibility With Other Fish

Given the rarity of these fish, these are best suited for species only tanks. It’s not worth the risk to mix them with other fish types as they will need to compete for food and could be bullied by other tankmates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a lion head goldfish?

A common lion head goldfish can be purchased for as little as $15, however exotic or adult sized lionheads will often sell for significantly more. You can easily find adult sized fish for over $100!

Why is goldfish so expensive?

Goldfish are so expensive due to the arduous process of breeding and maintaining them. This, in turn, leads to only high-quality specimens being available – making them costly.

What are some examples of the most expensive goldfish varieties?

For those looking to invest in a high-end type of goldfish, the Panda Oranda, and Ryukin varieties are perfect choices. These particular fish boast beautiful colors and unique patterns that bring life into any aquarium they occupy.

Despite being expensive types of goldfish, these specimens tend to be fairly hardy creatures. Capable of living for over ten years with proper care! It should also be noted that higher maintenance is required compared to other types, making them an investment worth considering if you have the time available!

Why are fancy goldfish more expensive than slim-bodied goldfish?

Fancy goldfish, with their infrequent appearances and breeding difficulties coupled with special qualities, are undeniably more expensive than slim-bodied goldfish species.

What factors influence goldfish prices?

When picking your ideal pet fish, there are various elements to consider such as size and growth capability, how scarce or singular it is in terms of color patterning and breeding difficulty. The breeder reputation and country of origin are also major factors. All this will be reflected in the price for a goldfish.

Closing Thoughts

To sum up, the realm of expensive goldfish keeping is an amazing and delightful world that mesmerizes lovers and connoisseurs. We have investigated this enthralling domain by disputing unsubstantiated claims related to Goldie or Meteor Goldfish varieties as well as exploring the 10 pricier types.

By offering proper care such as aquarium needs, nourishment and interacting them compatibly with other fish. You can enjoy these valuable creatures for a long time too.

Have you kept one of these pricey goldfish? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I have a fancy Oranda Goldfish the father was a molted apache and the mother was a black kirin they were all imported from Thailand.


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