Types Of Blennies

15+ Types Of Blennies (That You Can Keep In Your Tank)

Ask any saltwater hobbyist and you’ll find that one of their favorite fish belongs to the blenny family. Marine blennies are small yet full of personality and color that bring excitement to the lower portions of any reef tank. Not only are these fish the perfect size for any aquarium setup, but they are perfectly happy with almost any species of reef fish. They’re fun and easy to keep and might even clean up some nuisance algae along the way.

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Iridescent Shark

Iridescent Shark Care Guide: Tank Mates, Housing, and Feeding in 2023

Have you seen an Iridescent Shark at your local fish store? They usually are cute and at the store. However, they get massive and the vast majority of aquarist will not be able to keep them. This is an article much like the Redtail catfish I create on this blog so I educate others about how inappropriate they are for most tank setups.

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Pet Seahorse

How to Care For A Pet Seahorse: Essential Tips for a Thriving Aquarium

Creating a captivating pet seahorse aquarium in your home requires knowledge and commitment. If you have the right information about caring for these fascinating creatures, then they can become an amazing centerpiece of any room! For starters, it’s important to select healthy and well-suited seahorses that are tailored to thrive in an aquarium environment. You must also ensure ideal water conditions so that their unique behaviors will be seen at its best. With dedication and effort put into taking care of them, there’s no doubt your pet seahorses will blossom with life!

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Saltwater Puffer Fish

Saltwater Puffer Fish Types – The Top 10

Have a big tank and don’t know how to fill it? Pufferfish are considered to be some of the most charismatic fish in the aquarium hobby. These fish are curious and smart and love to interact with both their surroundings and their owners. Saltwater pufferfish in particular are some of the largest species of fish with an appetite to match, so tank setup and diet are essential for a thriving puffer.

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Is My Betta Fish Dying

Is My Betta Fish Dying? (5 Signs)

It’s never easy losing a pet, but having a fish die after a very short period of time has unfortunately become normalized. The truth is that most species of fish in the aquarium hobby can live for years on end given proper conditions. When those conditions aren’t met, hobbyists end up with a tank full of dead fish. Betta fish husbandry is no different.

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