How To Euthanize A Fish

How To Euthanize A Fish – 1 Humane (and 7 Others MEthods To Avoid)

Losing a pet is never easy, but losing a fish can really be hard! Many tropical fish have long lifespans which means they share a lot of time with us. Though we might not be able to interact with these animals in the ways we do with others, there’s still a deep bond.

Unfortunately, fish die. Whether this is due to stress, illness, injury, or old age, there will come a time when you are with your fish in its last days. At this point, you may need to humanely euthanize your fish.

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What Are Aquarium Air Stones

What Are Aquarium Air Stones? (And Should You Use Them)

An air stone is something that diffuses air that is being pumped into your aquarium through an air pump. They are small and often blue or black in color and come in all shapes and sizes. And for such a little piece of equipment, there sure is a lot of misleading information on them floating around.

So if you’re serious about understanding what these devices are and why they are the one piece of equipment that should be in every tank, even if you just have a planted tank, then read on as I will be revealing some seriously important facts and killing a few fishy myths about air stones.

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Bamboo Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp – A Complete Care Guide

Freshwater fish get all the attention. But have you ever set up a tank filled with fish and felt like something was still missing from the display? Like there wasn’t enough movement or color on the bottom of the tank? This is where shrimp come in!

The freshwater hobby has many different shrimp species to choose from. One of these is the bamboo shrimp which is simple in appearance but a unique and efficient algae controller.

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German Blue Ram

A Complete Care Guide for German Blue Rams—Feeding, Housing, Breeding, and More

The aquarium world knows German Blue Rams as one of the most beginner-friendly fish. However, upon asking most fish keepers, I realized they may pose some serious challenges, even to experienced fish enthusiasts.

Therefore, in this article, I’m going to talk everything about German blue ram fish and how to keep them happy, thriving, and alive in the aquarium hobby.

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How To Tell If Goldfish Is Male Or Female

How To Tell If Goldfish Is Male Or Female (5 Ways)

Goldfish have a long history of breeding. In fact, carefully selected male and female fish have been bred over hundreds of years to express the bright orange, red, yellow, and white metallics we know and love today. In the current trade, many hobbyists continue breeding these fish in their own home aquariums for the experience and to achieve the best physical expressions possible.

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