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SpectraPure MaxPure MPDI RODI System

    SpectraPure® MaxPure™ RODI System incorporates a high-silicate removal TFC membrane, 1 micron MicroTec™ Sediment and Carbon Block Filters, and a custom formulated 10 inch Color-Change DI Cartridge. High-purity water at an economical price, MaxPure™ RODI Systems maximize pure water production through application of the commercial-grade deionization resins used in our specialty deionization cartridges. MaxPure™ RODI Systems are available with production rates ranging from 25 gpd (95 LPD) to 180 gpd (680 LPD)

    - High-rejection thin-film composite Reverse Osmosis membrane
    - Pure water at an economical price
    - 3:1 waste ratio produces 33% less waste water
    - SilicaBuster™ Standard Color-Change DI Cartridge
    - Long-life high-efficiency 1 micron MicroTec™ sediment filter
    - High-capacity 1 micron carbon block pre-filter eliminates chlorine, herbicides and other organic pollutants
    - Tri-color custom pressure gauge indicates when to change prefilters
    - Clear filter housings
    - Durable, no rust mounting bracket
    - 6-foot feed tubing, 8-foot product and waste lines included
    - Housing wrench for easy filter removal
    - Garden hose adapter for tap water hookup
    - Dimensions: 15in x 7in x 16in for both 90 GPD and 180 GPD models
    - 3-year warranty

    Product Manual

    Warning: Spectrapure does not recommend drinking water produced from deionization (DI) as DI resins are typically not made of food grade approved material.


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