Tropical Fish Species

Tropical Fish Species – 30 Popular Types (With Pictures!)

Have you ever walked into your local fish store and been amazed by all the colorful, weird, and wonderful fish species swimming around in all the tanks? Setting up your own freshwater tropical fish tank and choosing the right fish species can be a complicated but also very rewarding task! Well, sit back, grab a snack, and read through this article because we’re introducing nearly every tropical fish type you need to know about.

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How To Tell If Goldfish Is Male Or Female

How To Tell If Goldfish Is Male Or Female (5 Ways)

Goldfish have a long history of breeding. In fact, carefully selected male and female fish have been bred over hundreds of years to express the bright orange, red, yellow, and white metallics we know and love today. In the current trade, many hobbyists continue breeding these fish in their own home aquariums for the experience and to achieve the best physical expressions possible.

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Brown Algae in Fish Tank

Brown Algae In Fish Tank – 4 Reasons Why (And 9 Ways To Get Rid Of It)

Brown algae is a common problem in aquariums and one that can leave aquarists frustrated and worried. This type of algae shows up as a brown layer over just about any type of surface. But is bad for your tank? and what can you do to remove it?

In this article, we’ll go in-depth to learn everything you need to know about brown algae in fish tanks and how to keep it under control.

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Red Devil Cichlid

Red Devil Cichlid – A Complete Care Guide

Are you looking for a large, impressive fish with great color and heaps of personality? The red devil cichlid could be the perfect choice for you!

However, keeping large aggressive fish is not for everyone, and arming yourself with the right knowledge is key to your success in the long run. That’s why I’ve decided to write this comprehensive guide to red devil cichlid care. We’ll cover everything you need to know from tank setup to diet and even breeding.

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Freshwater Pufferfish

Freshwater Puffer Fish – 13 Types (Requirements & Tank Mates)

Freshwater pufferfish are some of the most interesting and entertaining fish in the aquarium hobby. Many fishkeepers are surprised to learn that these fish live outside of saltwater, and there are several awesome species available that thrive can in a regular tropical fish tank.

Puffers are not the easiest fish to keep, and some species are best left to experienced pufferfish keepers. However, with the right knowledge and planning, a freshwater puffer could easily become your new favorite fish!

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